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Message started by webnetgirl on Sep 11th, 2006 at 9:09pm

Title: questions
Post by webnetgirl on Sep 11th, 2006 at 9:09pm

Well I'm new in this forum and I just was curious about some things that I hope somebody will be able to help me with.

When you have wireless satellite connection to the Internet and you travel out of your country you or your pc detects a new satellite depending on where you are in the world right? If not explain me how it works.

And something else. Can you actually live in one country an dhave an IP that says you are in another country? Or can you fly somewhere and once you detect or you choose a different satellite stay with THAT ip??

Thanks in advance!

Title: Re: questions
Post by Eric Johnston on Sep 11th, 2006 at 10:40pm
Satellite internet dish terminals, also called very small aperture terminals or VSATs,  are normally fixed and are within the beam coverage of a specific satellite, and operate in conjunction with a large teleport hub dish which interfaces to the terrestrial network.   You can, in principle, move the dish anywhere within the beam contour.  Moving and setting up again requires significant skill and some providers will insist that they do it for you, using a qualified person. e.g Wildblue.

The IP addresses allocated to each satellite internet terminal may be private or public, but in either case will be controlled by the hub.  The IP addresses given out will usually be associated with the company and country of the hub so if I offered a service in a South America coverage beam I would give the terminals private IP addresses like 192.168.x.x as a matter of course and UK public addresses if they really needed public ones.

Since many beam coverages embrace several countries the political boundries are irrelevent to the functioning of the remote satellite internet dishes and their IP address.   What matters is if the satellite internet terminal is still within the beam coverage contour.  

If you want to move  a VSAT to another satellite beam you need to choose a popular technology like iDirect or LinkStar and to make sure there is a service provider in the beam you want to move to who will accept you as a customer.  HughesNet (Direcway) terminals may sometimes be allowed to move to other beam coverages, such as for US soldiers in Iraq.  Some Linkstar boxes, sold with a subsidised price by Eutelsat, may not be allowed to be moved.  It is unlikely that you could retain the same IP address if you moved from one hub to another, unless perhaps the hubs were co-located (but facing different ways) and run by the same company.

INMARSAT terminals and satellite phones are different and operate in unified global networks so it is possible to switch from one satellite to another as you cross from the Atlantic to Indian Ocean region, for example. Some manual intervention is possible to allow customers to choose their terrestrial gateway hub site.

Satellite internet service as described in this web site comes from many providers, using a variety of technologies.

Best regards, Eric.

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