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Message started by muskokasatellite on Nov 1st, 2006 at 3:02am

Title: Moving Xplornet Dish
Post by muskokasatellite on Nov 1st, 2006 at 3:02am
I am relatively new to this forum and would greatly appreciate some guidance in moving my xplornet internet satellite dish from it's present location to a more secure setup on my lot. I had the dish professionally installed 3 months ago and it works well however it is in a location that eventually it will be damaged or destroyed by high water levels. Rather than pay another several hundred dollars for another 15 minute's of work, I will attempt this move on my own.
The present xplornet dish is located in an old setup for our star choice satellite dish which I installed myself (this setup enabled the xplornet setup to be so quickly done). I have since moved the star choice dish and it actually has a stronger signal than most pro's have achieved, and this was done with patience and without a satellite meter or finder. I believe I have a clear understanding of the tv satellite setup and moving the xplornet dish in my opinion seems not too complex based on my previous experiences and internet research.
I plan on moving the dish 125 feet along the lot line and 30 feet up on a hill, the line of sight is the same with little or no obstruction.
Should I buy a satellite meter (finder) for this ? And if so what type? I have attained my specific az and alt based on my gps numbers and reviewed the present dish setup. I am aware that I am seeking the anik f2 and a ka band and that the star choice was based on anik f1 and f2 ku band.
Can anyone tell me if I am missing something? my plan is to exactly match my new setup location compass settings as the last and then move the dish to that location making sure it is plumb and hitting the compass setting exactly. I think since the dish was already set in all other aspects i should hit the mark , once again with patience. My only concern is that with star choice i had the self tuner and signal strength guide on the tv screen via the tuner, but with the satellite dish I am unsure of how I can evaluate the signal strength.
I welcome any and all guidance, thanks.

Title: Re: Moving Xplornet Dish
Post by USN - Retired on Nov 1st, 2006 at 5:12am
Best case scenario is that the original pole was plumb and true. Moving 125' to another plumb and true pole should be a breeze. Might even get away without a signal meter. But keep in mind that Wildblue doesn't support RG6 runs over 125', so Xplornet probably doesn't either. If you're going to exceed 125 cable feet, you might want to rethink your location.

Anyway. If the two poles aren't identically plumb and true though, you basically have to start over from scratch. The xplornet dish is NOT just some satTV dish that you can tune in with simple visual cues. Starting over from scratch means using a proprietary device (API) that only xplornet and Wildblue installers use. Even though you're only talking a short move, I do NOT recommend you start from scratch. Call a professional, it'll be worthwhile in the long run.


Title: Re: Moving Xplornet Dish
Post by muskokasatellite on Nov 1st, 2006 at 5:55am
First may I say this site is great, i never expected such a quick and thorough reply. The dish at present has an rg6 run of 90 feet and the new location would be just 40, so infact the run is less. I have triple checked the poles , both are exact, plumb and true.
I never meant to suggest that the tv install was identical to the xplornet dish or I would have just moved forward without hesitation. I was attempting to portray I understand the host of issues that can occur in a very basic satellite instal, i respect this is far far more.
I am comfortable I can't ruin what I have because i am not changing any settings however, If i atempt the move is there a way of determining success? It works or it does not scenario? I really appreciate your forum , thanks again.

Title: Re: Moving Satellite Internet Dish
Post by USN - Retired on Nov 1st, 2006 at 6:05pm
If you're currently satisfied with the Xplornet performance, get an installer to provide you with a SVT snapshot as installed. There's nothing magic about it, other than the fact that only installers and Xplornet support knows the right address from which to obtain the data.

Armed with the "before" SVT numbers, then relocate to the new pole. Get new compression type connectors, cut the cables to the proper length, install new connectors. Do NOT splice. Re-ground polemount if applicable. Then get an "after" set of SVT numbers. All else being equal, the now-shorter cable run should actually generate better numbers.


Title: Re: Moving Satellite Internet Dish
Post by muskokasatellite on Nov 15th, 2006 at 8:11pm
Xplorent support cannont provide me with the data.

"Again, sorry for the delay in responding.
> > Unfortunately with the Ka-Band system there is no local status monitoring
> that the end-user can do, everything is monitored at the network operations
> level.
> We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause"

Does this make sense?
Any installers out there that could provide me with a snapshot that greg has suggested.
Thanks everyone for your help.

Title: Re: Moving Xplornet Dish
Post by mikedub on Nov 23rd, 2006 at 4:22am
I'd like to note that moving a dish yourself (that is, not having an installer do it) completely voids any warranty you might have left.

Title: Re: Moving Xplornet Dish
Post by muskokasatellite on Dec 11th, 2006 at 3:52pm
Thanks Mike, there was no warranty expressed or implied and xplornet is aware that high water will destroy the dish either in spring run off or when the water freezes in the winter, it is all for not now anyway, it is not accessible due to high water so an installer cannot get near it now, rather funny in a way. I guess I have been taught a good lesson here.
The forum is great and everyones assistance is very much appreciated, once the dish floats off to parts unknown I will return to the world of dial up (while paying off my monthly contract obligations to my freinds at xplornet), i refuse to pay twice for hardware, once bitten twice shy.
Thanks everyone for your help.

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