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Message started by ninjaturtle on Apr 29th, 2007 at 3:43am

Title: Speedcast After Upgrade ??? Help
Post by ninjaturtle on Apr 29th, 2007 at 3:43am

At 21 April 2007, Speedcast KU-Band (PAS12) had upgraded the RCST (Linkstar) to the new version like below:

0xXXXXX SW rcst4- () rcst4s-2.2.0011.term.exe (PE)
0xXXXXX FW rcst4.16100106L.xilinx.dat () rcst4.15250706L.xilinx.dat (PE)

After upgrade done, my RxPower decreased about 4 value (before -46 and after -50).

Also, my upload speed decreased 30-50%.

Please confirm if there are other people have same problem like me.

FYI, here my TCMP result after upgrade:

   RSCorrectedErrorCount         0    RSUncorrectedErrorCount       0
   QPSKBER           0.00005333591    I2CErrorCount                 0
   LostSyncCount                 0    TimeSynced                 4347
   MaxTimeSynced              4347    Synced                        1
   TimeUnSynced                 54    NCODeviation                  0
   CarrDeviation       0.002660821    VCOLocked                     0
   CodeRate                    3/4    CarrierPhase             LOCKED
   RSVit                    LOCKED    UCActive             NOT ACTIVE
   Rs                     4.073489    Fs                           60
   frequency                  1416    UCLoaded                      1
   RxPower               -50.14016    RSFrameLength         700168018

BER 0.00005333591


Title: Re: Speedcast After Upgrade ??? Help
Post by ninjaturtle on May 1st, 2007 at 7:13pm
Anybody ??

Please give me information for this issue.

After upgrade, my BER never got 0. Anybody have same issue ?

Title: Re: Speedcast After Upgrade ??? Help
Post by Eric Johnston on May 1st, 2007 at 8:57pm
Raw BER rates like 0.00005 are excellent.  The QPSK BER is that BEFORE FEC is applied so the after FEC bit error rate is virtually nil.

Look for increases in the uncorrected errors in the output date , if you ever see them.   A few bits per day perhaps out of hundreds of millions - what is your carrier downlink bit rate:  20 Mbit/s perhaps ?

If your data throughput has dropped down it will be due to factors other than your dish pointing, which is clearly excellent.  I would suspect congestion, configuration, routing problems etc, as you may now be on a different outlink carrier or have different hub configuration feeding out to the new type modem.

Tell the hub all about your situation and ask for help. They can check your terminal, verify traffic routings and help with speed tests.

Best regards, Eric.

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