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Message started by VbGuy on Nov 29th, 2006 at 11:34pm

Title: iDirect 3000 Password
Post by VbGuy on Nov 29th, 2006 at 11:34pm

I have idirect 3000 series (3100) and there was password i am logging in with it to the router but after 1 month i am not able to log in again beacuse it looks like they change that password .

my question is :
is there in any way to get password again cause I need to open port for torrent to increase speed of download and i am sure you will say ask your provider for that but i did but no answer, is they think that dangerous for them ?

i am not hacking any one else router but it is that simple, i need to open oprt and the company not responding to my request ...

I will send the # of my router if you want to help .

another thing someone told me that the old password that i am used it was just for teleport not to change anything , it is admin password, is that right ??? can admin password just to see not to change anything ?

sorry for my bad writing, i am not english native speaker.

hope you help.

Title: Re: iDirect 3000 Password
Post by pgannon on Dec 5th, 2006 at 6:23pm
You will need to work with your service provider.  The QoS for iDirect modems is centrally administered by the service provider.  I don't believe you can change it by logging into the modem.  Your service provider needs to make the change and then reboot your 3100 to take effect.

If you purchased the modem, then in my opinion your provider should give you the password so you can run iSite to monitor errors, performance, etc.  If you leased it, then the network operator is justified in controlling the access.  However it won't matter with regard to changing the QoS configuration - which is what you are trying to do.

Your service provider may be using iDirect's built-in QoS to block (bit torrent?), or they may use an external bandwidth management device to do this.  In either case, you need their help.

Caution - Bit Torrent is a P2P (peer to peer) application and it can eat up a lot of bandwidth and cause browsing to degrade significantly for your clients.

What happens is that your users download bit torrent and a piece of code turns the PC into a server.  Once a PC downloads music or video files, those files are then available for other users all over the Internet to use your bandwidth to upload the same file from your site's PCs.  Peer to peer applications can quickly gobble up a lot of the bandwidth.  

Title: Re: iDirect 3000 Password
Post by VbGuy on Jan 19th, 2007 at 6:08pm
Thank you pgannon for you advice ,,,

For the modem I purchased it, and I am legal customer, the most important thing that I was be able to login with the password that they give to me...
But they change it ...

Imagine someone have the netmodem II+, surely he don't have internal router, and I know someone realy have it, and he used external router and he able to forward any port without any problem ...

for the trafic, my contract say (Unlimited Trafic) .. and I downloaded alot stuff with http download without any limit ..

Thanx alot

Title: Re: iDirect 3000 Password
Post by Eric Johnston on Jan 19th, 2007 at 11:15pm
If you really have an unlimited traffic allowance you should test that you can operate at the advertised bit rates up and down continuously all of the time.  Your service will be priced around $6000 per 1000kbit/s per month or pro rata.  If you are paying very much less than this rate then it is unlikely that you have an unlimited service and you are most likely sharing the bit rates with several or many other iDirect terminals; in this case the long term average traffic you may uplink and downlink will be limited to some small fraction of the advertised maximum peak bit rates, which only apply when all the others are inactive.

Contact your service provider and explain in detail what you are trying to do.   You need their help.   If your traffic need is very high, ask about higher price tariffs where you will be sharing with fewer others.  I don't have an iDirect hub, but if I did, I might typically offer 800k down/200k up, 15:1 sharing @ $400 per month or, at the other extreme,  800k down/200k up, dedicated "unlimited" 1:1 share @$6000 per month (note that both are the same price for the same total capacity).  

You will be pleased to note that anyone describing shared service as being "unlimited" is now having such messages deleted from this forum, to avoid misleading visitors.

Best regards, Eric.

Title: Re: iDirect 3000 Password
Post by VbGuy on Jan 24th, 2007 at 3:15pm
Thanx alot Eric Johnston, it really shared service 1024k up/256 down 1:8 .

The odd thing is that I contacted the service provider office in my country and told him about the password .
He told me that i am and another customer blocked from accessing the router without any explain .

I am sure now that the whole thing is not about the traffic

Thank you very much

Title: Re: iDirect 3000 Password
Post by Eric Johnston on Jan 24th, 2007 at 4:43pm
Maybe it is just a technical configuration problem at the hub.   Does the operator have any other sites operating successfully on the same outlink/return link ?

Many iDirect operations are like this:

An iDirect virtual network operator (VNO) sets up in business and buys into a 1/5th of a large teleport located 5IF iDirect hubrack.   The VNO might comprises just one person and a PC to control his hub modem remotely.

The VNO rents satellite capacity, around $15,000 for three months for the 1024/256k carriers and also pays for their share of the hub teleport costs, terrestrial interconnection charges and overheads, equivalent to say $900 per month.  So total VNO expenditure is around $5900 per month.

The VNO tries to get 8 customers, each paying $750 per month.   (or 16 customers each paying $375 per month, or 30 customers each paying $200 per month).
Total VNO income is $6000 per month.

The VNO therefore earns $100 per month salary for himself.

There is not much margin and if just one of the 8 customers does not pay, the business goes bust.  Operating a VSAT network is most of the time like running a charity.

You can see why I keep saying that end users must pay the full proper cost, which is approx $600 per month per 100kbit/s average.  Whenever you see a sharing ratio, multiply the price up and consider if the total revenue will actually pay for the service.  Use $6000 per month per Mbit/s as a baseline.   You can get lower prices like $3000 per month in exceptional situations.

Best regards, Eric

Title: Re: iDirect 3000 Password
Post by VbGuy on Feb 11th, 2007 at 11:46pm
Eric Johnston I am thankful for your patience with me ,,,

My price is about 518$ per month for 1024 up /256 down , 1:8 share ,,,,

is the price in the correct range ???

Title: Re: iDirect 3000 Password
Post by Eric Johnston on Feb 12th, 2007 at 10:20pm
A price of 518$ per month for 1024 up /256 down, 1:8 shared seems a bit low to me.  It is obviously very good value if the service is actually provided.  

Assuming your service provider has 7 other customers the total income will be $4144 per month. Ask them where the money goes and how much is paid over for the satellite and how much is needed to pay for the hub equipment, staffing, buildings and terrestrial connection etc.  If I tried to provide you with such a service I would need to charge about $7000 per month to cover the costs, depending on beam etc.

An advantage of having iDirect hardware will be that you can transition to another service provider if your current one goes bust.

Best regards, Eric.

Title: Re: iDirect 3000 Password
Post by VbGuy on Feb 18th, 2007 at 6:37pm
Thanx alot Eric ,,,

You right, lately my local service support team told me that i ma in 1:24 share after the first 3 months , the company cheated all of us (me and local team)  ...

I am now in am22 (53E) with new provider and i have big problem with SNR, the signal never reach level higher than 8, the aver signal 7.39 .

do you have any idea about what causing that ????

i will provide you with details info about BUC & LNB ...

Thanx for all advices .

Title: Re: iDirect 3000 Password
Post by Eric Johnston on Feb 18th, 2007 at 8:22pm
Regarding the AM22 satellite.  I don't know what SNR=8 means as I don't have iDirect.   How far is 8 above or below the level at which the downlink service fails ?   Is the bit error rate acceptable ?   Is the polarisation angle set correctly?  Dish pointing ?.   Are you in a good part of the coverage beam ?   Is your terminal is working well ?  Just guesses...

Best regards, Eric.

Title: Re: iDirect 3000 Password
Post by VbGuy on Feb 18th, 2007 at 9:28pm
here is the new topic to make the things clear :;action=display;num=1171834727

Title: Re: iDirect 3000 Password
Post by VbGuy on Feb 19th, 2007 at 10:05pm
I would like to mention that the problem solved by using consol cable (RJ-45 to DB-9 cable) like in cisco .

The OS of the device is version of Linux OS .

the default user is root and the password is iDirect .
after log in telenet the device number 0 with :
telenet 0
after that we log in using default modem user and password (Admin & iDirect) .

You will be able do anything even upload new image to the device ...

thank you all for your help and advice .

Title: Re: iDirect 3000 Password
Post by mfb80 on Apr 22nd, 2007 at 7:10pm
this is not a big problem if the termenal is working and it is up now . what i men if it is up and working that is mean the provider close it by password and u can login to the termenal by isit using user and passwor iDirect
or u can login also by telnet username user , password iDirect
also u can use hyper tetminal to login to it by user name root and password iDirect

Title: Re: iDirect 3000 Password
Post by pgannon on Apr 27th, 2007 at 9:24pm
They probably changed the password to prevent you from attempting to modify the configuration.  You already indicated that you wanted to modify the QoS to prioritize BitTorrent.  That task must be provided by the Hub operator.

In my experience, some customers have tried to modify their modem configurations, increasing power for example and thinking that would get them better throughput.  What it did was push the VSAT link out of specifications, causing problems for the satellite, upon which the spacecraft owner jumped down the throat of the network operator for violating transmission power specs.

You should have the password that allows you to run iSite so you can look at satellite statistics and monitor performance, but given your history of messing with the configuration, I completely understand why an operator would lock you out of the modem.

On a separate subject - the term "unlimited traffic" as used by many network operators does not mean that the site has access to the full circuit capacity.  What it simply means is that there is no per/Mb or per/Gb usage-based billing.  This is another of those confusing and misleading terms like "contention ratios" that must be placed in proper context in order to have a valid meaning.  

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