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Message started by Vega on Mar 23rd, 2008 at 8:54pm

Title: Anyone else here using Bently Walker HX?
Post by Vega on Mar 23rd, 2008 at 8:54pm
I am using Bently Walker's HX system in Iraq with their top bandwidth package on W3A. I am just curious to see if there are other users out there on the same system and what their experiences are.

Currently with my HX I have a signal strength that hovers around 94/95 and a TX Rate Code 256k 2/3 or 4/5 (TC). Which I believe is fairly decent.

First: download speed. The only way I can reach above half of advertised average throughput (note: not max) is connected directly to BW's ftp or during a single download. During primetime, I am lucky to even get a download started at all.

Second:  Modem always going into "degraded" mode.  I'd have to same multiple times every day, I have to power cycle the modem because either the TCP acceleration status goes to "inoporative" or Web acceleration status goes to "inactive". As much as I love resetting modems, are other users experiencing this?

Third: Inconsistant web speed. At the same time I can go to a website and download at about 130 kbytes a second (fairly good for the top package), web pages can take forever to load when no other activity is going on. I am not sure if there is some routing or dns problems in the system, but main global web pages can take forever to load with no other demand on the system.

Fourth: This is my favorite show stopper. For between 4 to 15 hours at a time my connection to all http and web browsing goes dead with the "Failed to connect to web server error". This usually starts at prime time, which my users love.

All of these conditions are tested and reproduced on a single PC connected directly to the HX modem. There are no local network issues.

So, does anyone else experience any or all of these conditions? It has gotten so bad that some of my users would rather have a refund then to continue with this service even if it is their only option. Now my "backup" system is an iDirect with Bently Walker that can't even get off of the ground because of some "mysterious" issue. No one at Bently Walker, with the help of this board, or even the tech that came to take a look can figure it out. So I really have nothing to fall back on.

Title: Re: Anyone else here using Bently Walker HX?
Post by USN - Retired on Mar 24th, 2008 at 3:44am
Sounds like oversold bandwidth. Those symptoms are very common here in the states. Assuming no other contributing factors on the customer end, the problem usually goes away after periodic load balancing. But with such a comparatively small customer base, I don't see that happening with BW. It sounds more like they simply don't have enough servers on their end.

To optimize user equipment setup, Hughes has a small utility they call the LCCU (LAN Client Configuration Utility). See
Has BW made those or similar available to you? If not, you can glance through the user guide here:


Title: Re: Anyone else here using Bently Walker HX?
Post by TDMAMike on Mar 24th, 2008 at 4:22pm
I would seriously consider getting you a new options file for the W6 (for that backup iDirect unit). If you cannot get a lock on the W6 the modem is possibly bad.  Hard to tell, but you need a second spacecraft to point to....for a second opinion.  

Title: Re: Anyone else here using Bently Walker HX?
Post by James-BW on Mar 25th, 2008 at 11:18am

I have updated your support ticket to reflect the cause of the outages, this issue is NOT caused by oversubscription as implied above.

Since the use of TPS is employed on the network we do not recommend the use of the application outlined above, the networks have moved on since the release of that application.

With regard to your performance issues, I would like to continue working with you direct on your performance reports and whilst this forum is a good base for impartial advice it often takes away focus from support for the issue by the people supporting the product (in this case BW). Please continue to liaise with us direct in order to help resolve the problem.

I understand you are still working with my colleague RE the Idirect, please advise if this is still ongoing?

Title: Re: Anyone else here using Bently Walker HX?
Post by A.Walker on Apr 8th, 2008 at 5:50pm
Dear James as far as I know the issue were resolved , please advise ???

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