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Message started by bigdawwg on Apr 19th, 2008 at 2:22am

Title: Flow Control In Effect
Post by bigdawwg on Apr 19th, 2008 at 2:22am
HN7000s -

PEP Diagnostic Statistics
Status                                                        BAD
IPGW error detected                      NO                   GOOD
Backbone status                          UP                   GOOD
LLRTT (in msec) for bb 2                 1245                 GOOD
FAP in effect                            NO                   GOOD
Flow control in effect                   YES                  BAD
Tx SACKs                                 6(0.08%)             GOOD
Rx SACKs                                 0(0.00%)             GOOD
RSTs received                            0                    GOOD
RSTs transmitted                         0                    GOOD
Zero window rcvd                         0(0%)                GOOD
Zero window txed                         1(0%)                GOOD
TCP messages retxed                      1(0.01%)    

Does anyone know why Hughes is putting this "Flow Control" in effect?. They have been slowing me down every evening, except on Saturday and Sundays.    Is this some kind of load balancing? This just started happening about 3 weeks ago. Before then, I had been getting good speeds most of the time, all during the week. Now my speeds have been in the range of 120 kbps to 350 kbps down in the evening time.  Evey time I get slowed down, I can go look at this page, and it says "Flow control in Effect   -  Yes"

Title: Re: Flow Control In Effect
Post by USN - Retired on Apr 19th, 2008 at 4:28am
Odds are that you're on an over-populated gateway - but - PEP errors CAN be on either end. I'd have to know if that PEP statistic (BAD) causes a red X on the Diagnostics/Hourly History page - and if so, after which category.

Have you tried a turbo-page teardown to see if it helps?


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