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Message started by A.Walker on May 31st, 2008 at 3:33pm

Title: FREE Acceleration Software
Post by A.Walker on May 31st, 2008 at 3:33pm
Bentley Turbo software improves both the download and upload speeds upto 5 times the existing performance.
You will be amazed at the difference this makes to the system.
Bentley Walker Turbo software is only available on our networks, for a free trial please contact
Please note this software is entirely free for up to 5 PCs on Bentley walker networks and for additional PCs is only $30 per PC per year.
Try it now, you will not be disappointed.
Best Regards

Title: Re: Bentley Turbo acceleration software
Post by Forum Admin on Jun 18th, 2008 at 5:17pm
I have tried out this Bentley Walker Turbo software on my PC to see how it worked. My experience was that it really does make a big improvement to the download speed experience.  Actual compression varies according to the content.  Pure binary transfers such as software package downloads, 'perfect' mode images and YouTube videos are not compressed.  For web browsing you can choose fair, good, excellent or perfect for image quality.  The default is 'good' and with that I was getting between 4.3 and 7 times compression for web page downloads and 8 to 10 for the simultaneous uplink traffic.   FTP text file downloads gave around 17 times compression and were lossless, i.e. the recreated received file was identical to the original.

Each end-use customer PC needs a copy of the client software.  There is a corresponding server at the VSAT hub that performs the reverse process, so the compression works both ways.  In addition to compression, there are protocol changes to make satellite links work better.

I recommend this software.  Ask BW if you can have a go with their free trial.  You can read more about my web acceleration software testing.

It is available for use on these satellites and Star Pro and Star Nova (Linkstar) within the IP address ranges:
 W6 ( 10.223. & 10.93. IP ranges )
 W3A Africa ( 10.77. IP range)
 Sesat 2 ( 10.125. IP range )
 Eurobird ( 10.60. IP range )

Please, if you are using this turbo acceleration software, provide some feedback here.

Best regards, Eric

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