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Message started by JMHarvey on Jun 26th, 2008 at 4:43am

Title: option file for iDirect 3000 series
Post by JMHarvey on Jun 26th, 2008 at 4:43am
Hello, world.  We have a iDirect 3000 series satellite modem installed that stopped working last week.  The option file must be corrupted, as the modem is no longer booting.  We need to re-load the modem with the option file.  I know you will tell me to contact our service provider.  Been there, done that.  Please understand our service provider does not have competent technicians, and we can't afford the time & money it will take to get them to Impfondo to not do the job right again.  We are trying to run a mission hospital in the bush.  Every minute I spend on this is a minute away from patients that need my care.  We have staff on site and supporters back in the US experienced in IT.  I am in the capital for a couple of days only.  If we can download the option file before I return to Impfondo, our staff there will be able to do this.  Please help.  Dr. Joseph Harvey, in Republic of Congo-Brazzaville

Title: Re: option file for iDirect 3000 series
Post by TDMAMike on Jun 27th, 2008 at 10:36pm
Doc, are you absolutely certain it is just the options file?

I would suggest putting a console cable to that iDirect unit to ensure that it is at least getting thru redboot.  If it is getting thru redboot and TRYING to start FALCON (the process associated with the options file) then reloading the options file SHOULD work.  However, if the unit is not getting thru redboot it may have bigger problems.

Additional questions:

1. Did you say you have a copy of the options file?  If so, do you have a copy of iSite for the version of firmware on your iDirect unit?

2. Can you ping the modem from a command prompt? If so, the iSite (reloading) method will work.

You can load the options file one of two ways.  Either from the console/linux prompt (cut and paste) or via iSite GUI (you must have the version of iSite for your build or a later version).  Keep in mind....You can only load the options file via iSite if you have IP connectivity to the box (which is why I asked you if you could ping it?).

If you do not have IP connectivity to the box then you will have to cut and paste the options file into the modem from console (at the linux prompt).  It is a little more painful, but it works.  Do you have a console cable?

Lots of questions...... and I am sure you are in overload just reading this.  Hang in there.

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