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Message started by sshaik on Sep 13th, 2008 at 7:54am

Title: How to setup sundirect dish--> Malaysia
Post by sshaik on Sep 13th, 2008 at 7:54am
Hi all,
I bought SUNDIRECT dish from India and take back to my country Malaysia, I need someone help to guide me how to align properly in order to get the signal. Let me explain something, I had activate and used this decorder in India before take back to Malaysia.

The error shown : E48 No signal & E52 Searching for signal

By using the I manage to get the azimuth and elevation at my present area, but still can't received the signal.
My current location: Malaysia
Azimuth : 232.3
Elevation : +80.09

Another my bad time was I left the remote control at India and it on way to Malaysia not sure when I will received ! But I confident my previous setting in India (done by SUNDIRECT installer).

May I need to change any setting in STB ?

I'm using 60cm dish as what SUNDIRECT used, in Malaysia we not allowed to use external DTH except our local ASTRO (very expensive and not good.)

I have a friend in Burma(Ranggon) using TATAsky with same 60cm dish he able to receive all channel from India...I'm not sure whether I able to receive or not with this SUNDIRECT ? If you recommend to bigger dish...i can't since i cannot get and heavy penalty in Malaysia if we use personal dish ....

I manage to bring in this DTH from India last month....really hope able to use !...

Base on the INSAT4B location it closer to Malaysia and the next sat was Measat3 (used for ASTRO Malaysia DTH provider)

In Malaysia it been monopoly only by 1 no much choice and expensive !

Pls help ! Any setting in STB will help me ? I'm awating for my SUNDIRECT remote control at least can play around with my luck !

Title: Re: How to setup sundirect dish--> Malaysia
Post by Eric Johnston on Sep 13th, 2008 at 12:00pm
INSAT 4B has a Ku band beam pointed at India and the adjacent and nearby countries.  See:

In Malaysia you need to look for satellites with beams covering Malaysia. Start here:

Best regards, Eric.

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