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Message started by holdgaj on Sep 19th, 2009 at 10:13am

Title: Tooway access  problems in evening
Post by holdgaj on Sep 19th, 2009 at 10:13am
My connection works (mostly) fine during the day, but in the evening, for the last few days, I lose connectivity.

I've tried just about everything, power cycling the modem, changing cabling etc. But the problem persists. Weather is OK.

I was wondeing if the satellite is overloaded at these times & consequently unable to handle the load.

The antenna was professionally installed so I assume it was aligned correctly.  I'm not Faped - any ideas anyone ?

Title: Re: Tooway access  problems in evening
Post by Eric Johnston on Sep 19th, 2009 at 2:48pm
Network overloading is possible but the symptom would be significant slowing down, lost packets etc rather than complete 'lost connectivity'

While your system is working open a command prompt window and do tracert   This will show the routing between you and the satsig server.  Do right click, select all and return. This will copy the details. Print them out so you have a record.

Try ping to each IP address, en route, starting from your end.  Your first ping will be from your PC to your Tooway modem.  The next ping will be from your PC to the Skylogic teleport, etc.

When the problem reappears repeat the above and work out where the network is failing.

If tracert and pings to IP address all work well during the outage the the problem is probably with the two DNS servers that you have listed in your PC.

Try ping to each DNS server during normal conditions and during loss of connection.  Obviously both of your DNS servers should respond.

pings to IP addresses, such as, will work even if the Skylogic DNS has failed.
pings to url names, such as, need your DNS to be working otherwise the ping will fail and you will have no internet connectivity using domain/url names as the requested locations.

Let your service provider know your problem.  They can then report the problem to Skylogic who will then be aware of it and hopefully get it fixed.

Best regards, Eric.

Title: Re: Tooway access  problems in evening
Post by Broadband-Algarve on Sep 19th, 2009 at 5:24pm
We have had the same issue with a client we recently did an install for and found there was slight flexing in the pole we had mounted the dish on.  Have replaced pole, realigned dish and seems to have sorted the issue.  Client is only 5 miles from us and we have no issues at all.  Perhaps your dish has not been installed properly?

Where are you located and what are the settings from your dish?  Skew, elevation, and azimuth.

Broadband Algarve

Title: Re: Tooway access  problems in evening
Post by holdgaj on Sep 20th, 2009 at 7:38am
When this happens I can't ping the gateway, DNS or any other IP address. If I force a DHCP renew then it takes an age to get a new IP, and sometimes I don't get one at all.
Another manifestation of the problem seems to be that I have connectivity, but at very slow speeds < 1kbs. Power cycling the modem will fix this sometimes but not always. Its not the local weather, since its rainy & cloudy today, but I have excellent speeds & connectivity. To further complicate matters I lost connectivity yesterday afternoon, but not last night.
The support I get from the provider is pretty poor - hence my posts ;)
Any help appreciated

Title: Re: Tooway access  problems in evening
Post by holdgaj on Sep 20th, 2009 at 7:44am
I'm in SW France near Toulouse. Not sure how I get the info re the Skew etc - is there a scale on the antenna ?
I did wonder if the dish was aligned correctly - maybe its just on the outer edges of alignment, and some adverse condition is pushing it over the edge ...
Could you tell me if your clients are experiencing regular loss of service as I do ? For me, recently, I lose connectivity at least once a day - tho I have had trouble free service for periods of a week or two in the past.
Many thanks for your reply.

Title: Re: Tooway access  problems in evening
Post by on Sep 20th, 2009 at 9:49am

Its not the pole, there are many ways to align the dish. When I saw your installation photo I was a bit surprised, mainly because of the skew, could not believe it was working well.

We did an install last week in Portugal nearby and our skew settings where very different. Fine tuning in Portugal is very important because you are at the edge of the footprint.

Have a look at my posting (09-09-2009, Tooway installl in Portugal), we have noted all settings and a photo.

Title: Re: Tooway access  problems in evening
Post by Broadband-Algarve on Sep 20th, 2009 at 10:49am
It was a just a thought. Picture shown isn't mounted on a pole and works perfectly.  The client I noted is a different one who did have this same issue and replacing the flexing pole worked.  Client was also in a valley which made the install complicated to get clear as possible line of sight.

Our own system (pictured) - no issues with RX and TX power or with downtime.  Even had VPN connected 24x7 and again no issues.  Spectrum analyser shows very good signal strength.  Moving the scew off current setting produces reduced signal strength as tested on a spectrum analyser.

For install in France I would ask your installer to come back and check everything again.  Looks like dish may not be correctly aligned.  Also keep contacting your service provider - they are duty bound to help you.

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