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Message started by Powys on Jan 18th, 2010 at 3:59pm

Title: Embedded flash, video etc. effect on usage  
Post by Powys on Jan 18th, 2010 at 3:59pm

I have a second-hand system here (mid-Wales) I'm about to erect now the snow is gone.  It's going on an old cow-shed roof which had 10" of snow on it until Friday.   I might post a report on my efforts.   Today, though,  I was idly wondering what the effect embedded objects have on the download total.

For instance, I always start with video and sound disabled in the browser, since I have a 34k dial up and might not live long enough to view them.  I assume Tooway will not collect these objetcs or streams since the browser will not request them.  But then there's the horrible flash stuff.  Sometimes these have a 'skip' button, which sometimes even works.  But would the object already have been fetched by the modem by the time I stop it?

It is the nature of flash that it is found on the site homepage, and tends to be unavoidable.  I also often have to access technical data sites, where the webmaster seems keen that you should download their entire catalogue before you get a long script and finally an active link.  At the moment I can kill this download as soon as I realise it's not the site I want.  But would that be too late under the Tooway pre-fetch scheme?

Just interested, I realise I'll have to live with whatever happens.

Regards, John

Title: Re: Embedded flash, video etc. effect on usage  
Post by Eric Johnston on Apr 5th, 2010 at 11:00am
If you come across web sites that use excessive file sizes, such as flash, background music and unnecessary high resolution images please complain to the company, explaining that you find such large downloads objectionable.

If such web sites are linked from please tell me so I can complain also.  When considering linking from this web site I already try to avoid linking to any web site which is unpleasant in respect of unnecessarily large download file sizes, interfering with browser back button etc.

I would urge anyone involved with making web pages, sending images to blogs or forums and emailing images, to do their best to reduce file sizes.  Use small image size (pixel) dimensions, use jpg low resolution, use gif with reduced number of colours (using Adobe Photoshop Elements for example).  If you want to put images in this forum it helps to send the images to me by email so I can serve them from this server, as this reduces page download time by eliminating a whole sequence of DNS look up.

Best regards, Eric.

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