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Title: Tooway KU Install Alora (Malaga) Spain.
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Project B

A very rural location near Alora, Malaga, Spain.

A Linkstar (original installed in 2004) unit replaced by a new Tooway KU modem, using existing dish, lnb and buc. The modem is placed in an (not working) old fridge to make sure it does not get overheated in summer (temp can be between 35*-50* degrees).

There is a wifi access point connected (on the mast) next to it and this provide a wireless network for 3 users who live between 200 meters and 5 KM from this.

System is pointed to Eurobird 3 Spot A.

Tooway Modem installed in an fridge and a wifi access point on top of a hill.

One of the wifi systems on users house.

Project A

Same as project B also nearby Alora, Malaga, Spain.

Tooway modem in a garden with Olive trees.

One of the client access points.

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