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Title: iDirect Evolution install Mozambique
Post by on Feb 4th, 2010 at 2:09pm

iDirect Evolution system with a 180 cm Channel Master Dish. The system is installed at a remote site in Mozambique. It provides the local office a 24/7 internet connection, vpn and 2 Voip phone lines.

Connected to the iDirect Evolution Satellite Modem are a Switch, Router, GSM/Voip gateway, Netgear NAS unit and 2 Linksys IP Voip phones

Dish is pointed at Eutelsat W3A and subscription is 1024 down and 512 up with128 CIR both ways.

Except the Channel Master dish and NPM all other equipment was configured, tested and shipped direct from London (hand luggage).

A local company was supposed to provide the 180 cm dish but they let us down (sorry, no dish in stock), we had to fly from Maputo to Johannesburg to get one and then shipped it by road via Maputo to final location (4 day’s).

A pipe (114mm) was found at a local shop (making BBQ units out of old steel) next to a road.

The whole mounting unit was made at a local garage

We had a Bgan satellite phone to contact the hub for CP test and in case we needed additional technical backup from London and a Satlook Spectrum Analyzer to align the dish.

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