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Message started by Malachy on May 17th, 2010 at 4:43pm

Title: Hubless Polarsat Internet Services
Post by Malachy on May 17th, 2010 at 4:43pm
Dear Eric,

I am interested in looping about 10MB of symmetrical bandwidth from one site to the other site using satellite and I came across polarsat hubless internet.

What do I need in order to have my other sites share this bandwidth? Who do I contact? I need upto 20 other sites as well.



Title: Re: Hubless Polarsat Internet Services
Post by on May 17th, 2010 at 6:19pm
I think you posted in a wrong part of this board but we have send you some info by email.

Title: Polarsat: Hubless Polarsat Internet Services
Post by Forum Admin on May 18th, 2010 at 11:41am
Polarsat ( ) is only one of a number of possible suppliers.  Polarsat VSATPlus3 only works up to 6.6 Mbit/s.  You should consider suppliers relative to the type of service you want.

For a point to point, symmetrical, 10Mbit/s-10Mbit/s service you should be thinking of Comtech modems and if both sites are in the same beam coverage then consider CIC operation as well.   In any case, use extra large dishes so that you can use 8PSK or 16QAM modulation.  Monthly cost savings are more important than initial equipment cost.

You say you are interested in sharing with 20 sites.  What is the traffic ?

Internet access is not symmetric and is intermittent.  Some kind of DVB-S2/TDMA is appropriate like Hughes HX, iDirect or Viasat Linkstar or Surfbeam.  Your own iDirect hub or VNO  would allow you to operate and manage your own network. The other systems would allow you to share a much larger system.  Sharing a large system would cut your staff costs, reduce hub capital investments and generally be more efficient. Your ideal outlink is a 10 Mbit/s dedicated share of a full transponder carrier.

Phone traffic is symmetric, VoIP data rates needing between 10.8 kbit/s and 90 kbit/s per voice call one way.   You might consider one dedicated 10 Mbit/s outbound carrier and ten 1 Mbit/s dedicated return SCPC carriers.  There was a recent posting by someone who had successfully set up such a PCMA system with a PCMA canceller only at one end - the hub.  An amazing way to cut costs by half - but you do need need extra large dishes and the nerve to take the risk it might not quite work as hoped for.

Do remember that dedicated capacity is very expensive so try to minimise the amount you need and consider how to fill it throughout the day.  

Best regards, Eric.

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