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Title: Tooway install at a Cave House in Spain.
Post by on Jul 4th, 2010 at 1:52pm

A Tooway KU install pointed to Eurobird 3A at a Cave House near Baza in Spain.

We are a slightly worried about the dish location (as it had to be mounted on a concrete base at ground level and therefore open to the public) but the owners assured us that it should be no problem, so keep fingers crossed !

We use a support pin for horizontal movement during pointing (Visiosat dish), pin will be removed later.

The owners have an Internet related business and a broadband connection is crucial if they are to follow their dream of restoring the cave (which is over 100 years old) so they can live and work there.

There is a blog where you can follow their story of their hope to restore their cave depending on whether or not they were able to find a reliable internet connection.  The blog details the problems they encountered in their search for an internet connection and how the eventually solved this using El Molino Systems S.L.

How Cave Houses finally look, click here.

A short Tooway activation video. It shows the status of the LED lights on the front of the modem during activation process, click here

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