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Message started by mikekem on Jul 21st, 2010 at 9:25pm

Title: La Ceiba Honduras
Post by mikekem on Jul 21st, 2010 at 9:25pm
I have done plenty of research on the internet here in Honduras.  It is a ripoff in most areas.  Honduras providers will tell you anything to cover up the one truth.  You will pay allot for nothing.  They seem to have invented the name bits.  Not bites.  They will sell you a plan of 512 kb/s but it is really 52kb/s which they have conveniently divided by a hundred to get you 512kb/s.  I have given up trying to tell them what they are doing is a scam.  You can't fix stupid.........

Sky satellite and Hugh's offer reasonable plans for all of Central America with high speed.  You do have to pay for the dish and the setup at, well a reasonable cost.  When all is said and done under 100 a month for your 512 plus.  

I know I didn't make you feel better in La Ceiba but it is what it is.  We all should get together and get a group plan.  That would teach them.  Remember you can't fix stupid.  Mike

Title: Re: La Ceiba Honduras
Post by Eric Johnston on Jul 21st, 2010 at 10:44pm
I'm sorry that you have been disappointed.  The cost of satellite internet connection often approaches $9000 per month per Mbit/s and in order to make lower costs per customer site it is necessary for customers to share a certain amount of satellite capacity - thus 50 customers might share a 1 Mbit/s downlink at $180 each.  Speeds will then be advertised as "up to" 1 Mbit/s, but don't expect that for more than a small proportion of the total time.  Expect a "fair access policy" to limit the amount of Mbytes download and congestion at times.  Pay more or less and expect your fair share.   Technical developments such as new Ka band spot beam satellites are reducing costs. Halfing or quartering the price of 1 Mbit/s to $4500 or $2250 per month would help a lot.

See page for some suggested companies serving Honduras.

If you get a group of co-operative customers together they could share the total cost of say an iDirect hub.  e.g. 10 customers sharing 1 Mbit/s down and 250kbit/s up - approx $1000 per month each.  Such customers might have between 5 and 10 PCs per site.

Best regards, Eric.

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