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Title: 8 Tooway installs Mallorca, Spain.
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A collection of 8 Tooway Ku installations on Mallorca, Spain. We have used a collection of different dishes (Prodelin, Channel Master previously used for iDirect systems) and odu's. It took us (one engineer) 2 1/2 days to install all 8 systems, the concrete bases and poles were already in place. Modems were prepared in advance in our workshop before installing.

Most of the buc's (transmitters) are mounted with the cooling fins up - this is not the usual way because it leaves them exposed to the sun's heat - however we left them this way because the risk of breaking screws due to heavy rust would have caused more damage.

Pointing info of one of the systems on Mallorca, click here

Above new carrier info Eurobird3 A3 for Tooway Ku systems Spotbeam A (27-07-2010).

Datasheet can be donwloaded from our site, click here

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