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Message started by Monty on Dec 8th, 2010 at 6:09pm

Title: Tooway: Suitable Wireless Hub ?
Post by Monty on Dec 8th, 2010 at 6:09pm
Please forgive the lack of technical terms....this is all a bit baffling to me. After years of a 19kbps dial up internet connection, due to living so far from the exchange in a rural area, we have just had TooWay installed.And it is certainly life-changing stuff!!

The household owns a PC and two laptops, and life would be more comfortable, if, being disabled  I could go wireless. I already had an ADSL wireless modem router from previous attempts to get broadband. However, all three computers can communicate with this router, but the router is not picking up the internet.

Tariam tells us this does seem to be a problem, but are unable to explain why, but that an ordinary wireless hub would do the trick. I have been all over the place today trying to purchase same, and no one even knows what I am talking about!! Even when I explain the dilemma.

Can anyone enlighten me please, or better still recommend one?? I have tried a different ASDL modem router, in case that was faulty, but not so. Any help to go wireless would be gratefully received.

Many Thanks.

Title: Re: Suitable Wireless Hub
Post by chipwashinga on Dec 8th, 2010 at 11:40pm
Hi, the ADSL might work but it will need some one with teachnical know how to set it up.
What i would recomemed is you get a cable wireless router  ( not modem) like one used for Virgin media, major computer shops should have these , you do not need to be technical to set it up ,most Wireless routers come with a CD to guide you through the set up

Title: Re: Suitable Wireless Hub
Post by on Dec 9th, 2010 at 9:51am

Tooway network setup using a cable router.

Get a "cable router" and your problem is solved. Be sure you "dont" buy an "adsl" router. Any PC shop has those, e.g. Netgear, Belkin or Linksys. Connect the "blue" or "internet" labelled input of the router to the Tooway modem. You can use the 4 other inputs to connect computers or connect wireless. Dont use the setup CD, router will work with basic factory settings. You can change settings later using your browser.

Above setup should work without any problem, after you have connected the router to the Tooway modem, you maybe have to switch the Tooway moden "off and back on" again to provide an IP to the router.

Good luck :)

Frits Blomsma

Title: Re: Tooway: Suitable Wireless Hub ?
Post by Powys on Dec 15th, 2010 at 4:32pm
If you haven't bought one already, try and get a wireless router with a higher power signal.  I have a BT Voyager ADSL router left over from our attempt at broadband, and it just about connects between adjacent rooms if nobody stands in the way.

For the Tooway I got a 'Pluscom' cable router off eBay, chosen entirely on low price and high signal power.  I have the modem and router upstairs, and it works well throughout the house and into the garden.   The transmit power of your computers matters too, of course, but found it was the Voyager which was weak.

By the way, we get brief interruptions in the mains supply now and then, usually no more than half a second, and I have found it handy to have a UPS (un-interruptable power supply) for the modem.   I had one spare, but would otherwise have bought one by now.  One short glitch in the supply could mean up to 15 minutes reboot and lock delay for the modem (though it rarely takes quite this long).  The router boots much faster than the modem, so is not so important, but it would be good to supply this from the UPS too.  

Regards, John

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