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Message started by jsuddenly on Feb 24th, 2011 at 12:43pm

Title: iDirect 3000
Post by jsuddenly on Feb 24th, 2011 at 12:43pm
Pls hw do i improve my Rx SNR.My provider said i need to improve on it.I have check my cable and my modem everything is ok,but still having same problem and my provider keeps telling to try and improve my RxSNR strenght?pls help me out with possible solution

Title: Re: iDirect 3000
Post by Eric Johnston on Feb 24th, 2011 at 1:20pm
You have checked the cable and modem.

Check for dish distortion.

The front rim of the dish must be flat. Do the crossed fishing line test and adjust the dish shape till it is flat to 1mm.

Check the dish pointing and polarisation alignment.

In elevation record the quality.  Mark a flat on the nut with felt tip pen.  Increase the elevation by 1/6th of a turn of the nut.   Record the quality. Repeat say 18 times till you have made three turns of the nut and passed through the beam peak.  Carefully wind back to the exact beam centre.

Repeat the process in azimuth. You will need to go back to a start position and approach the peak from the same side direction to avoid backlash. Stop as you reach the peak.

Set the polarisation by calculation and measurement using an inclinometer sideways across the BUC or LNB.  Maybe add +3 deg if using a Eutelsat satellite. Your hub will be able to guide you verbally while watching a CW carrier from you in x-pol at the hub.

Best regards, Eric.

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