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Message started by antesky on Mar 28th, 2011 at 10:14am

Title: 1.2-Meter Ku-Band NewsFlash SNG Antenna
Post by antesky on Mar 28th, 2011 at 10:14am
In a live newsfeed, where speed and performance counts, the NewsFlash receive/transmit SNG antenna is ready for action.
Antesky Corporation introduced the Ku-Band NewsFlash 1.2-meter vehicle mountable, variable speed, receive/transmit satellite newsgathering antenna. This high performance, compact antenna is designed for mobile television newsgathering applications and can be mounted onto an SUV, RV, or truck.
Live broadcasts and newsfeeds often need to happen at a moment's notice. The NewsFlash Ante-sky antenna is the technical solution for great news coverage. It's powerful, accurate, and can be positioned easily and speedily to gather and transmit news.
The Ku-Band NewsFlash SNG antenna operates in the 10.95-12.75 GHz receive and 13.75-14.5 GHz transmit bands. The ante-sky antenna's feed system is prime focus offset for extremely high gain, superior efficiency, and closely controlled pattern characteristics.
A 12Vdc motorized system provides reliable and precise handling and ease of operation from the truck. The drive controller combines encoders and remote/local controls into either a panel mountable unit for in-vehicle use or a handheld remote antenna control unit. Both control systems have tactile feedback controls for easy system setup and operation. LED displays show the antenna position angles and operating status information.
The 1.2-meter Ku-Band NewsFlash antenna has automatic stowing capability, making it easier to pack after a newsfeed is completed. The unit may be stowed with a push of the button on the controller.
Suitable for broadcast use worldwide, the electrical performance of the 1.2-meter SNG NewsFlash antenna meets or exceeds INTELSAT, EUTELSAT and other global operator requirements.
Antesky Corporation is a global supplier of communications systems equipment and services. Major markets are wireless communications - which includes cellular, personal communications servicesand land mobile radio - broadcast, and common carrier.
Antesky Science Technology Inc.
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