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Message started by Eric Johnston on Jul 12th, 2011 at 7:07pm

Title: Experience with Tooway KA-SAT service
Post by Eric Johnston on Jul 12th, 2011 at 7:07pm
Please report here your experience versus expectations with the new Tooway KA-SAT.

Regarding speeds please make reports factual, able to be reproduced if possible. e.g. It took x seconds for me to download large document e.g size 3.5 Mbytes.

What speed testers did you use ? What were the results ? What download speed do you see using my speed tester: ?

What does your tracert show ? I've seen one very strange tooway tracert. What is your result.

If you have been slowed due to FAP do you have any local record of amount of traffic transferred compared with your FAP status ?

Also, tell your reseller of any probelms. If they can't solve your problem, get them to forward problem reports to Skylogic, Italy, so that they can be correlated with other customer problem reports and maybe then the problems will be fixed.

If you have been misled by advertising (e.g. speeds) please tell the advertiser that their advert has misled you and ask then to modify the advert text to reflect the actual service you experienced.

If you are happy with the service don't let this put you off reporting that here. There is a tendency to report only problems !

Best regards, Eric.

Title: Re: Experience with Tooway KA-SAT service
Post by MPBG on Jul 21st, 2011 at 3:02pm

I tested Tooway 6 speed FTP download through an independent site: (there is a good speedtest program in main menu).

The results were:
20MB-58 sec; 353KB/s=2224 kbps;
50MB-2 min 37 sec; 326 KB/s = 2608kbps;
100MB-4 min 4 sec; 419 KB/s=3352 kbps.

Test was done under "green" spotbeam 39 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

We've activated the new service on 1-st of June 2011. For 50 days period experience we can say the new Tooway-on-KaSat is more delicate and unstable service comparing Pre-KaSat Tooway. SNR varies between 11 and 13 dB in clear sky and if cloudy appears drops below 9 dB, and hence the connection disappears. We think that the situation in beam-center position is probably better (we heard about 17-19 dB over Athens, Greece), but at the end of the beam where are we is not so good as staibility. But speed compared with the old Tooway service is better.


Mincho Pankov
Sofia, Bulgaria

Title: Re: Experience with Tooway KA-SAT service
Post by Heathy65 on Jul 22nd, 2011 at 3:37pm
I just download an iPhone IOS update (668Mb) in the region of 10-15 minutes.

My router showed an average download speed of 7.55Mbps and a peak download of 14.93Mbps.

I am on the 10Mbps/2Mbps/13GB service.

Title: Re: Experience with Tooway KA-SAT service
Post by Powys on Jul 25th, 2011 at 4:44pm
I replaced the old Ka service with the new Ka-sat on July 1st. In contrast with MPBG, I find the service much improved.

We have had heavy rain, massive clouds, light rain, mizzle, drizzle. The connection has hardly been affected. On the old service, besides reliable fade in heavy rain I found very light vertical drizzle also knocked it out. Windswept drizzle didn't, nor did falling snow.  Of course we haven't had snow yet with this system.

Speed has not been a problem, I'm happy that it reaches the expected speed for the kind of download I do, which tends to be files rather than streaming.

I am in the UK, on the blue spot. At least, it was the blue spot during set-up. At the moment there are heavy stormy-looking clouds, and the RX S/N has dropped to 12.7dB from it's normal around 14dB. RX power is 39.1dB. TX power is reported as 32.6dB. (The fractions are spurious precision.)

I will be tweaking the pointing this week, which might improve S/N. Not that it needs it, but I have to modify the mounting, so it is likely to get disturbed. The mod is necessary because the disturbance produced by cross-winds on the new set is higher than on the more compact, lighter, old system. It is mounted on a braced steel shed wall, but sadly there is a resonance now which builds to a good fraction of a cm in the horizontal at the Tria.

There were a few periods when there was no response despite the modem reporting two-way traffic, and it required a reboot each time to fix it. This has not happened for well over one week. However, I have noticed the modem firmware is now version UT_1., when at the time of the breaks it was UT_1.

In view of the improved fade resistance, I will say my expectations have been more than met.

Regards, John

Title: Re: Experience with Tooway KA-SAT service
Post by Eric Johnston on Jul 25th, 2011 at 7:47pm
You say Blue spot. This is consistent with what this page suggests:

I have tried to make my own page and my version is different and suggests Green spot (type 4) for the spot aimed towards Cardiff.

In furthest North Wales (Anglesey) the Blue spot (type 1) and the Green spot (type 4) are similar level.

My beam positions are rather approximate but I think the Tooway page suggests the wrong colour for the Cardiff beam. (My opinion on the Valencia, Spain, beam is different also).

My page draws the beams 'on-the-fly' by calculation and it is easy to move them about and change their sizes.  Good for designing new spot beam satellites !

Best regards, Eric.

Title: Re: Experience with Tooway KA-SAT service
Post by martyn94 on Aug 15th, 2011 at 12:57pm
I have found it excellent compared to my old nordnet (ie astra) service, which was overloaded at all times of day except the early morning and often ground to a dead halt.

It has delivered the advertised speeds every time I have checked it (on and has gamely worked through a large backlog of software updates, including OSX Lion at something over 4GB - with no loss of speed to follow. This is impossible under any interpretation of the tooway fair access policy, so I imagine that we are enjoying something of a honeymoon period while the satellite's capacity remains underused.

I should add that the satellite dish fine adjustment is far better engineered than on any other dish I have used or seen, and the "beeper" setup on the LNB works just as advertised on the installation video - subject to one large hitch. The modem interface would not open in internet explorer (or safari) but it did work in Chrome (as suggested by my supplier's helpful helpline person - another pleasant change from nordnet: no more 1 a minute for endless waits on hold).

Altogether a very satisfied customer, so far, after struggling for years now with every known form of internet access short of carrier pigeons (adsl, satellite, 3G, wimax, satellite, satellite). It remains to be seen how long the honeymoon will last.

Title: Re: Experience with Tooway KA-SAT service
Post by martyn94 on Aug 15th, 2011 at 1:48pm
I should perhaps have added that it is also materially cheaper than my previous service (assuming that in the long term it delivers what I've signed up for rather than, as now, quite a lot more).

In particular, I'll be interested to see how the FAP operates. Under the astra service, the 4GB a month (or whatever you've signed for) is an absolute limit: once you hit it you are cut off until the end of the month unless you buy some more (expensive) data. With tooway you should be throttled back, but I hope I will be able to live with that for my usual low-intensity browsing and emails.

Can anyone say with confidence what the night-rate regime is under tooway? My previous service charged an extra fee for "unlimited" night-time downloads, which was nothing short of fraud : the system was even more overloaded at night than it was during the day (no doubt because lots of users scheduled homungous downloads to start once the night rate kicked in).

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