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Message started by Stiffcookie on Aug 23rd, 2011 at 11:05am

Title: Meter Recommendations?
Post by Stiffcookie on Aug 23rd, 2011 at 11:05am
First time for me here - Hi!

I'm looking for a dish allignment meter specifically for Hylas 1 / Avanti service.

What are the essential features for identifying/alligning the satellite; does it just need to be capable of DVB-S2? Is a spectrum analyzer important?

I know of the Horizon HD-S2, but are there any other alternatives that you know of? How about the Sathero SH-200?

Thanks in advance!

Title: Re: Meter Recommendations?
Post by Oasis Networks on Aug 23rd, 2011 at 1:35pm

My first questions is - what exactly do you need it for? Is it for pointing of one dish, one time only, or do you plan to point many dishes, on many different satellites?

Basically, if you just one to point one dish once, I think the best idea is just to get or prepare an incinometer (in case you know the offset of your dish), and then you can even try to point using any FTA receiver configured to the right channels on the satellite you would like to point to. It will take some time but you will get it.

If you think about pointing more than one dish...but receive-only dishes, it is recomended to use something simple. There are so many brands on the internet, just google satellite meter, and you can find lot of models that can do the work.

A real spectrum analyzer is recomended in case you plan to mess around with more complicated systems, such as two-way systems.

Good luck!

Title: Re: Meter Recommendations?
Post by on Aug 25th, 2011 at 6:05pm
The Horizon HD-S2 is the best choice if you want to align systems to Hylas-1, all 8 transponders are pre-set in memory and it shows a "lock", so you are 100% sure you are at the correct satellite. You can use also a spectrum analyzer, we use a Satlook.

With a profesional satellite finder 90% of the work is already succesfully done !

Beside this you have to be an accredited installer to activate systems on the Avanti/Hylas service.

New Horizon HD-S2 satellite finder

Horizon HD-S2

The all new HD-S2 is the latest generation Meter for the Global uptake of High Definition broadcasts in DVB-S, DSS and DVB-S2 and at an affordable price.

Designed with a generous storage of up to 256 transponders, including the flexibility of 16 user customizable selections for onsite unique carriers. The transmission signals can be isolated with this precise and accurate installation tuner.

As with this type of system, battery supply is important for field and remote locations, so this Meter comes built with a long life high-output Lithium-Polymer rechargeable battery pack, supplying 15V DC at 2400 mAh, capable of providing more than 6 hours continuous run time.

Horizon’s menu template of “keep it clear and simple” has continued with this meter, to include features such as Spectrum Display, Constellation Diagrams, Bit Error Rate, Carrier-to-Noise and true MER expressed in dB, all in an intuitive and easy to use format.

The HD-S2 comes as a complete kit with mains charger, car charger and USB cable for data transfer and satellite settings update from our website.

Support and downloads for the HD-S2 are available via a dedicated web site. No internet registration is required, charge your meter up and you are ready to go.

Title: Re: Meter Recommendations?
Post by on Aug 25th, 2011 at 6:08pm
Any luck, did you bougth a meter, if yes, which model.

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