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Message started by mcm on Feb 7th, 2012 at 7:15am

Title: Introduction of Inclined orbit satellite internet
Post by mcm on Feb 7th, 2012 at 7:15am
Introduction of Inclined Orbit Satellites

- Most satellites used for IP telecommunications are located on a so called “fixed‟ geostationary orbit
- Cost for capacity lease is very high.
- Our system use so “inclined orbit satellites”
at the end of their service
- Capacity cost becomes affordable.

Positioning into Inclined Orbit
Geostationary satellite adds up about 0,8° per year.
The operational expectancy life is estimated at about 5 years for an inclined orbit satellite.

With tracking system it is possible to follow the inclination and the evolution of this inclination over a period of time and especially during those 5 years of operation at the end of the satellite service life.

If the orbital position of this new satellite is near to the position of the old one, remote re-pointing is directly done by our device.

The advantages of our solution:

-       Resistant to weather disturbances and space.
-       Transmission inviolable encrypted information.
-       A simple implementation of ground tracking stations.
-       A transfer of responsibility to the customer
-       A secure remote control and ground stations 24/24H 7/7 Days.
-       Connectivity simultaneously or alternately on several satellites.
-       Migration to another satellite in minutes without the intervention of a technician on site.
-       Maximum choice of satellite or as needed.
-        A fleet of satellites that provides renewal over the long-term capacity Telecom.
-        Unbeatable value price.
-        Independence from the satellites with the option to re-pointing distance
-        Revolutionary patented technology innovation, and produced by companies with standardized ISO

For interest parties, please contact me at for more information or quote.

Patrick Lam
MCM Global Ltd.
Skype : skypatricklam

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