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Message started by fs_vsat on Apr 7th, 2012 at 11:58pm

Title: Geo Coordinates
Post by fs_vsat on Apr 7th, 2012 at 11:58pm
how I can generate the Geo Coordinates report of all vsat sites in iDirect network , but report format should be  degree/minutes/seconds .

Can any one help me.

Best Regards,

Farrukh Shahzad,

Title: Re: Geo Coordinates
Post by Eric Johnston on Apr 8th, 2012 at 7:59pm
If you have the list in the form of positive decimal degrees, like 10.019 deg, then put the list in the left column of a spreadsheet, starting on row 2, cell A2
Along the top line type: Input, Deg, Min, Sec
On the second line enter formulas
B2    =INT(A2)         gives whole degrees
C2    =INT((A2-B2)*60)  gives minutes
D2    =INT(60*60*A2-B2-C2/60))   gives seconds
Copy the three formulas all the way down.

I hope that works, but I suggest you check a few values manually using a calculator!

For example
10.019 deg =  10 deg.
.019 * 60 minutes = 1.14 min = 1 min.
0.14 * 60 sec = 8.4 sec = 8 sec.

Best regards, Eric.

Title: Re: Geo Coordinates
Post by fs_vsat on Apr 10th, 2012 at 3:24pm
Thanks Eric,

But i am looking for to pull all GEO location in one short , as per you way i have to put value one by one , and i have more than 1500 remotes.

Title: Re: Geo Coordinates
Post by Eric Johnston on Apr 10th, 2012 at 4:41pm
If someone knows how to extract the lat long data from iDirect hub please say.

Here is an idea:
Can you access a directory which has all your options files ?
If so, concatonate the option files together into one giant file, type .txt

Save the txt file.

This file contains multiple sequencies like so:
     hub_long = 245.1278
     remote_lat = 30.285000
     remote_long = 268.739700
     spacecraft_long = -90.000000
Edit this file (with Microsoft Word, for example).

Replace all new line characters with space.
Replace all instances of remote_lat = with <new line> remote_lat = ,
Replace all instances of remote_long with , remote_long =
Replace all instances of spacecraft_long with <new line> spacecraft_long =

You should now have a file containing two types of line.

Long lines of rubbish
Short wanted lines, like this:
remote_lat = , 30.285000, remote_long = , 268.739700

Save the txt file.

Now load the entire txt file into Excel, with the delimiter set to ,

Sort the whole spread sheet and all the wanted lines will become grouped together.  Delete all the unwanted lines.

Save the Excel file.

Then add formulas like I suggested above, using as input, columns B and D, to convert to new columns of deg minutes and seconds.  If you have site longitudes in the range 180 to 360 deg you might like to subtract from 360 before converting to deg, min, sec so as to get the deg W version.  Note the angles (deg, min and sec) go backwards aound the earth!

Arrange the 6 output columns, put titles at the top, select that area of cells and printout.

Save the Excel file.

Best regards, Eric.

Title: Re: Geo Coordinates
Post by fs_vsat on Apr 11th, 2012 at 4:43pm
i generate that file ,but how i will get the site codes . i have to enter the site codes manually.?

Many Thanks Eric

Title: Re: Geo Coordinates
Post by Eric Johnston on Apr 11th, 2012 at 6:34pm
I'm not sure what is "site code"

If you mean modem_sn or did then it is in the following block of text:

     modem_sn = 81701
     modem_type = Remote
     modem_hardware = 3100
     did = 2022123
     generated_by = NMS version $Name: NetModem-8_0_2_1 $

I'm not quite sure how to proceed. I do this sort of thing from time to time to get orbital 2 line elements into my version of "1 line elements" and a bit of trial and error is needed with Microsoft Word character replace function prior to inputting the text file into Excel as a .txt or .csv file.

May be replace all did by <new line>remote_did
Then replace all generated by <new line>generated

You will now have:
many rubbish lines intermingles with
a set of did lines
a set of lat/long lines.

When your sort this list in Excel the did and lat/long lines may get out of sync.
I suggest
replace remote_did with remote,did,
replace remote_lat with remote,lat,
replace remote_long with remote,long,

When you sort, use the column with the the word remote and hopefully the data will be like so

remote,lat,    remote,long,
remote,lat,    remote,long,

This is not a complete answer !! Some experimentation may be needed.

Does anyone know how to get the data out of the iDirect hub directly ?  Are there linux commands that will extract the relevant data fields ?  Can someone write a suitable script ?  Please .....

Best regards, Eric

Title: Re: Geo Coordinates
Post by mmurtas on May 31st, 2012 at 11:27am

you can retrieve the Geolocation points of all your satmodem by the Mysql database on your NMS server.

db: nms
table: GeoLocation

mysql> select * from nms.GeoLocation;

| GeoLocationId | LatDegrees | LatMinutes | LatSeconds | LongDegrees | LongMinutes | LongSeconds | Elevation | LatSouth | LongWest |


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