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Title: Avanti-Hylas Black Forest” South Germany.
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An Avanti-Hylas installation in the “Black Forest” Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany (24-04-2012).

The system is installed at a private house in a very small village in the “Black Forest”, South of Germany. The owner bought the property as a restoration project (10 years project) and will use the system mainly for emails, browsing (search for building materials) and to stay in contact with his family in the UK using msn and voip.

Our first choice was a location just under the window, this was easy to reach and safe to install, our only worry was, that it could be too low because of the hills and the trees opposite the house, the elevation of the dish was around 20 degrees and azimuth 229 degrees Hylas-1 beam 3, right hand cross pole.

It turned out that the signal was (as expected) not very good, about 50% signal was received so we decided to go for the more difficult option; this was on the chimney of the house, not easy as it was raining (drizzle) during installation and the roof was slightly slippery.

To get on the roof we needed 2 ladders, the second one we laid down flat on the roof so we did not step on the wet very old roof panels, in this way we avoided the slippery roof plus also we avoided damaging the (more than) 100 year old roof panels.

It turned out that the 100 year old chimney was built to last and therefore in pretty good shape, perfect holding for the wall bracket.

From this location we had a very good signal; raising it about 4 meters did make a big difference in signal strength.

We did the installation from our London based office. We took an early morning flight from Gatwick to Zurich, a 1 hour car drive to the “Black Forest”, South of Germany, installed the system and a late evening flight back to London on the same day.

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