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Message started by lgrijander on Jun 3rd, 2012 at 10:27pm

Title: Tooway real life speeds ?
Post by lgrijander on Jun 3rd, 2012 at 10:27pm
Hi, I am testing a Tooway 10+ pro system, the Tooway testing tool is giving 9.6Mbit/down and 3.6Mbit/up, snr values are 14db rx and 10.1db forward channel.

All seems to be ok, but upon uploading FTP files the maximum speed is 400Kbps, short of the 3.6Mbit.

Since the speed test is ok, seems not to be any issue on my end.

Any idea what can be happening ?
What upload speeds you usually see on using FTP or similar software?


Title: Re: Tooway real life speeds ?
Post by MrMuckyPaws on Jun 4th, 2012 at 10:12am
As posted in a 'Tooway Problems' question earlier (some may not be relevant);

"One thing you need to get used to with Tooway is the signal latency - essential there is much more of a pause before anything happens, but one data starts to flow it is very quick.

For example I use FTP to update my website. Used in the traditional method where each file is 'put' onto the host you'll find you can barely upload one file (small htlm/text) per 10-15 seconds as each command back and forth has a typical 750ms latency. Once you start to upload a large file the actual transfer speed is in the order of 1MB/s (i.e.  8-10Mbps).

The way around this is I zip up my website to a 90MB ZIP file and upload this in one go which is typically very fast. I then unzip the file on my web host (via an SSH connection) which then puts everything in the right place.

If I use conventional (per file) ftp to upload the site I'd be lucky to manage 90MB in an hour, whereas one 90MB file takes about 2-3minutes.

Using Tooway compared to ADSL/ LES/ MPLS etc takes a bit of getting used to and sometimes you have to think laterally to get an acceptable experience compared to how you used to do thing.

I accept all that Eric says w.r.t alignment which is critical and the above may not be a complete solution but as a fellow photographer who deals with large amounts of files online it struck a chord with your situation.

Your speedtests will show a throughput of 8-10Mbps (often much higher), but its the signal latency that gives an overall poor impression of the service compared to the 10-30ms latency of ADSL.

w.r.t the router comment, whilst they can go bad I suspect in this instance its more of a latency issue.  

SECURITY ISSUE: Be careful when plugging your PC directly into the Modem (bypassing the router) as I do not believe the modem has any kind of firewall built in and thus your PC/ Mac will be exposed to 'raw' internet. Turn off ALL incoming connections before you plug it in via the Windows/ Mac software firewalls and make sure your a/v software is up to date - especially if its on Windows "

So, basically FTP sucks on Tooway unless you can send your files compressed as one big file. Clearly this won't work for everyone as it depends on what control you have over the destination FTP server. I run tooway 10 and typically get a download speed of 1.4MBs down and 300kBs up which is excellent - once the data flows its brilliant, but lots of small bit of data (i.e. ftp commands) are very slow.

Title: Re: Tooway real life speeds ?
Post by MrMuckyPaws on Jun 4th, 2012 at 10:18am
btw, is showing my connection speed as 7487kbps down, 1952kbps up with 914ms latency at the moment.

Tooway 10.

Title: Re: Tooway real life speeds ?
Post by lgrijander on Jun 5th, 2012 at 12:04am
Strange ... using Windows 7 maximum speed was 45Kbps, I have tested another machine with XP and that gives 400Kbs.

Any Idea what can cause different operating systems to perform so differently with tooway ?

Title: Re: Tooway real life speeds ?
Post by on Jun 6th, 2012 at 1:58pm
Does anybody read the words "UP TO" :)

and the small prints ?

What is Tooway™?
Tooway™ is a bi-directional high speed satellite internet service for internet access. Bi-directional means that receive and transmit functions are performed via the satellite; therefore there is no need for a telephone line.

What speeds can I achieve?
There are various speeds available; offering download speeds of up to 10 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 4 Mbps.

What data quotas do you offer?
Anything from 4GB up to 100GB

Download and upload speed info is always the maximum info and not guaranteed.

Tooway (and most of the other systems) is a shared service and has different levels of limits (see some older messages on this board). If it was not this way users will end up to pay $ 99999,99 per month.

Title: Re: Tooway real life speeds ?
Post by MrMuckyPaws on Jun 7th, 2012 at 12:39pm
As EuropeSatellite hinted, its UP TO. However, I would be expecting something better than you are currently getting. There should be no difference between the OS (aside from the usual arguments of OS X vs Windows).

One thing to be careful of (and not wishing to teach anyone to suck eggs) but you need to be clear about kbps, Mbps, kBps and MBps. Remember 1 Byte (capital B) is 8 bits (lower case b).

So in THEORY, 10Mbps up and 2Mbps down should give an observed speed of 1.25MBps and 250kBps MAX.

With the magical bursting and other trickery in the satellite you'll sometimes see faster than this (as I do). If you are getting a below expected service then go talk to your ISP.

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