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Title: Hylas-1 & Hylas-2 new KA Band service.
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Avanti hylas-1 & Hylas-2 KA-Band satellites.

London – 10 September 2012. Avanti Communications Group plc (AIM: AVN, or “Avanti”), the satellite operator, is pleased to announce the successful completion of in orbit testing for its HYLAS 2 satellite.

The testing process confirmed that HYLAS 2 is performing as specified and has more lifetime than planned.

HYLAS 2 is located at the orbital position 31° East.   Avanti, via its National Regulator OFCOM, has received the standard confirmation from the ITU Radiocommunication Bureau (which regulates such matters) that its ITU filing for the use of spectrum by HYLAS 2 at 31°E has been accepted and notified in accordance with ITU rules, providing the necessary regulatory basis for the operation of the HYLAS 2 satellite at 31°E.

The commissioning of the IP infrastructure and customer equipment at Avanti’s three Gateway Earth Stations is underway.

David Williams, Avanti Chief Executive said “It’s a special moment when the spacecraft is declared healthy operational, and this brings us  close to the launch of commercial services in what is probably the most exciting region for satellite services  in the World.”
Location : 31E

Coverage (Footprint) Hylas-1 (33.5W) & Hylas-2 (31E)

Ireland | United Kingdom | South of France | Spain | Portugal | Germany | Austria | Italy | Poland | Hungary | Chez Republic | Slovakia | Slovenia | Serbia | Montenegro | Bosnia Herzegovina | Croatia | Kosovo | Albania | Macedonia | Greece.

Coverage (Footprint) Hylas-2 (31E)

Turkey | Cyprus | Aegean Sea | Israel | Lebanon | Jordan | Armenia | Iraq | Syria | Azerbaijan | Georgia | Afghanistan | Turkmenistan | Uzbekistan | Tajikistan | Pakistan | Kenya | Tanzania | Somalia | Ethiopia | Burundi | Rwanda | Uganda | South Africa | Lesotho | Swaziland | Botswana | Zimbabwe | Zambia.

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