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Message started by yassine on Aug 1st, 2013 at 9:47am

Title: Upgrade Vsat Ku from 2 Mbps UP/Down
Post by yassine on Aug 1st, 2013 at 9:47am
hello friends,

in our company,we have:
1- iDirect Hub 12101 4IF   AB3 ku-Band
2- 3 Card infinity M1D1
3- iDirect IDX 2.1.1
4- 25 remote 3100
5-  2Mbps UP and Down (Symetric).

now we have to make a full upgrade to our teleport from infinity to evolution technology with IDX 3, XLC Card and X3 Modems, but about the vsat bandwidth we need to know what is the best choice for a stability reason:

1- 4 Mbps Down / 2Mbps UP     or
2- 3 Mbps Down / 3Mbps UP     ? ::)

known that we using a VoIP , Application and internet access.

best regards.

Title: Re: Upgrade Vsat Ku from 2 Mbps UP/Down
Post by yassine on Aug 3rd, 2013 at 10:04am
any answer friends!! :-/

Title: Re: Upgrade Vsat Ku from 2 Mbps UP/Down
Post by Admin1 on Aug 3rd, 2013 at 12:08pm
How many return link carriers do you actually operate in the existing network and what bit rates are they ? e.g. 3 return link carriers, each of 666 kbit/s TDMA.  If the new network uses higher bit rate return link(s) you may have to increase the BUC power at all sites.

Do your traffic records suggest that you are congested more in the outlink or return links or vice versa?  Match the new capacities so that neither is over-congested.

VoIP needs symmetric capacity.  Internet access needs  much more outlink than return link.

If you can see all your own signals (i.e up beam and down beam are visible to all sites including the hub) then you need to lease a contiguous block of bandwidth and you can (with permission of the satellite operator) rearrange the carrier sizes and direction, as you wish, within the overall lease bandwidth limit.   If your teleport is in different beam (i.e cross-strapped) then your outlink and return links capacities must be agreed in advance, but ask about contract flexibility to increase or decrease.

Have you sought advice from iDirect tech and sales support about managing the transition ?

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