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Message started by Hipolito Gonzalez on Nov 11th, 2013 at 1:20pm

Title: SurfBeam2 (ViaSat) and proxy Squid (Linux)
Post by Hipolito Gonzalez on Nov 11th, 2013 at 1:20pm
I had a friend with an unlimited Tooway service, sharing to 7 neighbors. He is going to be in the FAP.

I am want to install a proxy cache for Web and DNS cache. Trying to save every byte......

All is ok, but...... After installing the computer, and connecting between the modem and the router (for Wireless) the computer randomly disconnect from the Satellite. I changed the Network card but the problem persist. I changed the computer... the problem persist.

Thinking about a problem in the SurfBeam, I bring the computer to my home and the problem persist.

In the linux box, I canīt ping to the modem (, bu nothing in the logs. The frame are lost, sent from the computer but not answer.

If I restart the network service, its fix but later, the problem continue. If I disconnect the wire from the Surfbeam, and replug, solve!!!!!! But later, the problem continue again.....

If I install a Windows on the SAME computer, with the same NIC and connect directly to the modem.. NO problem.....

Something, anything..... is banning the computer with the proxy cache... why? can the modem detect a proxy and it doesnīt like it? I donīt understand!!!!!!!

Thank you   

Title: Re: SurfBeam2 (ViaSat) and proxy Squid (Linux)
Post by USN - Retired on Nov 11th, 2013 at 2:57pm
Check with the provider, you may be pursuing an unnecessary goal. Here in North America, satellite internet providers already pre-fetch and cache on their end. It's done by the "web acceleration" server. But it only stores HTTP. For most internet users, that is sufficient. Check also with the provider to see if they provide the "Optimizer" program. When run on an end user PC, it reconfigures the browser to perform additional local caching.

That said, I can't say whether or not the Optimizer works on Linux .


Title: Re: SurfBeam2 (ViaSat) and proxy Squid (Linux)
Post by Hipolito Gonzalez on Nov 12th, 2013 at 8:58pm
Yes my friend, in Europe tooway is using the same surf beam modem and it has a small cache. I am trying to do dns cache and web cache (about 30 GB). I don't  know the cache space in the modem, but it must be small.

I am trying to do a very big cache to save every byte.

I don't understand why the commuter is "banned", if the query in top/ip is the same.

Nobody knows the tech spec of the surf beam, cache size, protocol for cache, etc etc

Title: Re: SurfBeam2 (ViaSat) and proxy Squid (Linux)
Post by USN - Retired on Nov 12th, 2013 at 9:45pm
I did not make myself understood. Check with Tooway to determine if you are attempting something similar to what they already do on the provider side. Specifically, I believe you'll find they already have a high capacity pre-fetch and cache capability at their server farm(s). If true, that would render your customer-sides attempts redundant.

Also a reminder to check with Tooway regarding a customer-side "Optimizer" or equivalent program. If they don't offer such a service, a do-it-yourself version has been discussed here:;num=1275810424


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