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Message started by js777 on Aug 24th, 2014 at 3:20pm

Title: SES rubbish upload - help
Post by js777 on Aug 24th, 2014 at 3:20pm
I have recently installed an SES Satellite system in Northern France and am extremely disappointed with upload speeds - I cannot be heard while calling landlines and it fails when Skype video is turned on, and uploads are painfully slow.
    Download is fine the full 20 mbs but though SES engineers have tested my line and tell me I am getting the full 2 mbs upload speed - it cannot be and independent speed tests tell me I am getting .56 mbs max. I have tried retuning the dish every which way and varying the Skew etc in perfect sky conditions but cannot improve it.
     Any ideas what else I might try - I have also replaced patch cables and rechecked all others. john

Title: Re: SES rubbish upload - help
Post by Admin1 on Aug 25th, 2014 at 7:08pm
If you are trying to make satellite voice calls using VoIP it may be possible to improve matters by maximising the number of voice samples per packet.
The configuration setting may be in the handset itself.

Read more:

•G.729 call with voice payload size of 20 bytes (20 ms): (40 bytes of IP/UDP/RTP headers + 20 bytes voice payload)* 8 bits per byte * 50 pps = 24 Kbps

•G.729 call with voice payload size of 40 bytes (40 ms): (40 bytes of IP/UDP/RTP headers + 40 bytes voice payload) * 8 bits per byte * 25 pps = 16 Kbps

I would try voice payload of 60 bytes.

Satellite systems like SES and Tooway (refer: for comment on Skype)
involve transmissions from remote sites that normally comprise occasional discrete bursts, typically when a mouse is clicked.  The satellite is forwarding these bursts to the teleport hub, interleaved in time with bursts from many other sites.   Because of the overhead associated with each satellite packet it makes sense to avoid very short packets with little meaningful content.  The satellite modem software and hub software may already be attempting to merge data into longer packets using an acceleration feature.  Avoid encrypted VPNs as this will nullify the acceleration feature of the satellite modem and hub.

Best regards, Eric

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