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Message started by bfyusuff on Oct 22nd, 2014 at 11:45am

Title: VSAT equipments ,service and tools for sale
Post by bfyusuff on Oct 22nd, 2014 at 11:45am

We have the following for sale
Used prodelin 3.8m Cband antenna
Used prodelin 2.4m Cband antenna
Used Andrew 4.6m Cband antenna
Used Viasat 6.1m and 7.1m Cband antenna
New Huaxin 7.3m Cband antenna
iDirect x3 evolution modem
Used Shiron iRG s2 modems
Radyne comstream IPsat modems
Datum PSM 4900L modem
Used Comtech CDM 570 modem
NJT 5watt cband BUC
NJT 3watt universal BUC
NJT 4 watt ku band BUC
NJR ku band PLL LNB
Mitec 20w ku band BUC
Mitec 10watt cband BUC(used)
Mitec 20watt Cband BUC
Codan 20watt Cband transceiver
Codan 10watt SSPA
HP 8564E Spectrum analyser
Belcom 2watt cband BUC
NJT 2watt cband BUC
Cband transmit interference filter
Satlook micro HD
Patriot,prodelin,Andrew cband feedhorns
Andrew ku band feedhorn
Andrew 1.2m ku antenna
Garmin eTrex H GPS receiver
Digital/analog inclinometer

KU and cband service available on Telstar 11N ,NSS12 and Arabsat

Contact 08023178070 and 08033501067
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