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Message started by franglais on Sep 13th, 2015 at 9:52pm

Title: I'm at my wits end: SkyDSL very slow problem
Post by franglais on Sep 13th, 2015 at 9:52pm
i have been a SkyDSL customer since last december when i moved into house (near dijon spot 21 green i belive) which the letting agency assured me had internet access, it turns out, it doesn't and satalite internet was my only solution (3/4G contracts in France never exceed 8Gb per month, which is ridiculous for a desktop PC). i pay for the 6Mb unlimited data plan and have only ever seen speeds above 500kb/s during ungodly (i have young children) hours 3am to 7am during feeding times.

i have been disappointed since the start, speeds have been appalling, except for the few times i stayed up past 2am, and the few times i got up at 6am, occasionally it is usable during the daytime, but what use is that for a person who works all week.

my average monthly data usage for both me and my geek wife is around 5Gb, it would be higher, but it we can't bleed any more octets out of the modem in the time we have available, we spend what seems like eternity waiting for each page load.

my LAN setup is a Netgear WRN1000v3 and cat5e cable to the PCs, i have tried connecting the PC direct to the modem (although what sort of terrible advice is that anyway) to eliminate problems with the router, but no change. from my PC to the RaspberryPi NAS i can regularly reach speeds of 10MB/s through the 100Mb router.

is there anything i can do with regards to diagnosing my connection before i unleash fury at the ISP for suggesting i upgrade my subscription.

     Rx Power: -35.9dBm      
     Rx SNR: 12.1dB      
     ODU Telemetry status Active
     Cable Resistance0.5Ohm
     Cable Attenuation7.6 dB

Title: Re: I'm at my wits end: SkyDSL very slow problem
Post by Admin1 on Sep 14th, 2015 at 4:03pm
For more customer feedback in this forum, try typing skydsl in the search box down low in the middle of the home page of this web site

Please note that ever since I started in 1999 I have tried to delete any satellite internet service provider trying to advertise their service as 'unlimited' unless they explained clearly that the satellite capacity was shared, for example, 20 Mbit/s carrier shared by 700 customers.

In the early 2000s 10kbit/s per customer was considered acceptable, with text emails and limited web browsing of simple web sites. Now in 2015, customers and content providers expect far more capacity on the internet. Multiple quality images, video, audio and cloud backup will overload even a "generous" allowance of 30kbit/s per customer.

In respect of Tooway, note that 475 Mbits per beam will only support 23 simultaneous 20 Mbit/s customers per beam, and that's assuming all the other sites are inactive.

If you can manage a 5.8Mbyte download, this 2011 report by OFTEL makes good reading:

Please would other SkyDSL customers add their comments below

Best regards, Eric.

Title: WARNING regarding the word "Unlimited" in adverts for broadband services
Post by Admin1 on Feb 17th, 2016 at 11:49am
It is clear that people are still being misled by advertising claims that their internet service, whether terrestrial or satellite, is "Unlimited".

Everyone needs to be aware that in a shared system where many customers share a high bit rate transmission system that their service will be limited by congestion unless a fair access policy is applied involving limiting individual users bit rates according to how much Mbytes they have downloaded. The idea is to share the total capacity equitably, minimising congestion and giving everyone a reasonable bit rate.

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