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Message started by Admin1 on Apr 28th, 2017 at 9:40pm

Title: Xicom 200W C-band ODU BUCs for sale
Post by Admin1 on Apr 28th, 2017 at 9:40pm
Put here by forum admin from email at request of New Era Systems, Inc.

Dear Eric,

Xicom 200W C-band ODU BUC

These C-Band BUCs have been in stock for several months, but time pressure prevented us from testing them - we don't sell anything unless it's tested and guaranteed!

Earlier this week our engineer finally pulled them out of storage and began the testing process.

The results were worth the wait, out of five used amplifiers, four of them performed flawlessly.

We will sell them as single units, or if you need a fully redundant set, we can configure that for you as well.

More details complete with a test sheet at: Xicom XT200C

Phil Thomas
Phone : 1-954 974 7144
Email  :   
New Era Systems, Inc
We make our living by buying and selling surplus satellite equipment; anything from modems to 15M antennas, we are always interested in talking to owners  looking to sell surplus equipment..

2179 N. Powerline Road
Pompano Beach, Florida 33069

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