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Title: Used NewTec Sat3Play HUBs
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Used NewTec Sat3Play HUBs
FWUSS - A Universal Switching System AZ200
FWUSS - B Universal Switching System AZ200
FWMOD - A Broadcast Satellite Modem AZ410
FWMOD - B Broadcast Satellite Modem AZ411
BDM - A1 Multi Carrier Receiver
BDM - A2 Multi Carrier Receiver
BDM - B1 Multi Carrier Receiver
BDM - B2 Multi Carrier Receiver
LBS - A Duel Ifl Splitter  LBS2188
LBS - B Duel Ifl Splitter  LBS2188
AWS - A Catalyst 2960G
ASW - B  Catalyst 2960G
Co_NMS - 1
Co_NMS - 2
TS Cyclades ACS 5008

-How old are these units-8yrs
-Manufacture List price-$900k+
-warranty-none, although we do hold spares!
-condition, new or used-Used
-Does client need service contract with NEWTEC-no

If you have any questions, please contact us anytime at

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