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Cycling and spas

Pictures from our Cycling along the Danube holiday.

View of Danube in Budapest

We went on a seven day guided and luxurious cycle holiday, mainly on the flat, alongside water, woods and villages to the north west of Budapest in Hungary. The area is called the Danube Bend which features both volcanic hills and fertile flat plains alongside the Danube river.

Peter was our local English speaking guide and we were followed by Marietta, driving the support minibus and trailer for our luggage and bikes.   Peter and Marietta were running this tour for the first time, after our encouragement, and it turned out to be a great success, due to Peter's prior research and selection of cycle tracks, places to visit and the chosen hotels.  Start and finish in Budapest.

Arrival at Budapest airport
Arrival for our cycling Holiday
First hotel in Budapest: Hotel Normafa
Hotel Normafa
Historic railway
Historic Ski train up to Normafa
Chris having apple strudel with poppy seeds
Eating poppy strudle, again !

Friday.  Welcomed at the airport by Peter who took us straight into Budapest via the Elizabeth Bridge to Hotel Normafa on the Buda Svab hill.  The hotel has a swimming pool and just opposite there is a park with trees along the top of the hill ridge, with views down over the town and the Danube in the distance.  Just into the woods is a snack bar that does very nice apple strudel with poppy seeds.   At dinner we met up with the other 7 guests for the week, all from the US and Canada.

Remembering Raoul Wallenburg
Cycling downhill into Budapest towards the river and remembering Raoul Wallenburg who saved one of the relatives of a guest on this cyling tour !

Fountain on Margaret island
Half crossed bridge and turned north onto Margaret Island.  Parkland and fountain, with music if you are lucky!

Pond on Margaret island
Margaret Island. Ponds, nature and rare species reserve.

Walking in the Buda hills

Lookout observation tower in Buda hills
Over the road from the hotel. High on the ridge of Buda Svab hill overlooking Budapast

Saturday:  After breakfast cycled down to the centre of Budapest, passing memorial to Raoul Wallenburg.

Lunch at beach bar along Danube
Lunch at beach bar along Danube

Hungarian fast food: Hake fish
Hungarian fast food: Hake fish - always a favourite with Eric

Danube ferry boat
Crossing the Danube by ferry boat at Szentendre

Village at Szentendre
Sightseeing in "arty" village at Szentendre. Marzipan shop and museum.

Log hotel
Scandanavian style hotel.

Monastry adjacent to prison.

Cycling track by Danube
Cycling from the log hotel.

Log hotel
Outside, ready to bet bikes off the trailer.

Evening meal at hotel
Hotel on Szentendre island

Flowers of Hungary

Cycling picnic lunch

Map Kisoroszi Island
Crossed in ferry to Kismaros then on narrow gauge railway up the Volcanic hills

Map of Kiralyret

Church organ
Organ in the church



Church painting
Imadkozzal Arettank

Map Visagrad

Monastery adjacent to prison.

Castle on top of hill at Visegrad
Castle on top of hill at Visegrad overlooking Danube.

Guard at the Royal Palace
Guard at the Royal Palace

King Mathias
King Matyas ( 1458 - 1490 )

Danube Bend from Visegrad
View of the Danube Bend from Visegrad

Royal Crown
Royal Crown as worn by Kings of Hungary

Silvanus Hotel
Leaving the Silvanus Hotel

Estergom cathedral

Picnic lunch
Picnic for the bikers !

Forest clearing
Gateway in forest clearing

View over lake at Tata
View over lake at Tata

Limestone geologic museum
Marble Hill with geologic trail

Dome of Estergom cathedral
The dome of Estergom cathedral

Bike trail in the woods
Bike trail in the woods

Covered swimming pool
Covered pool

Hilltop wine
Hilltop wine at supper time.

Cycling near Tata

Sailing on Tata lake

The picture above of the 4 crosses and church is Marble Hill or Marvany-hegy, now renamed St Ivan's Hill since the Middle Ages. Around 1350 a three aisled church stood here.  Fellner Chapel as seen above was built on the ruins in the 18th century.,  There is a tall slim tower behind (not visible in the picture) which was a combination of observation tower and a shot tower, used for making lead shot by dropping drops of molten lead into the air at the top. The Calvary statue group was made by Antal Schweiger in 1770.  In the limestone rock there is the Megalodus cave where there is evidence of thermal springs which flowed in Tata thousands of years ago.  The passages of the cave stretch for 280m and cover several levels, with the roofs covered in hundreds of Megalodus shells.  In the front of the cliff is an open air geological museum.

Thermal bath and swim pool at Lipot
Thermal bath and swim pool at Lipot

Sauna cold water bucket shower
Lipot outdoor sauna and shower

Canoeing on Danube
Canoeing on Danube.

Hungarian goulash stew for picnic lunch
Hungarian goulash stew for picnic lunch

Cycling along the track
Cycling along the track

Excellent bikes
Our bikes were excellent

Hadevar Kastaly Hotel
Hadevar Kastaly Hotel

Picnic lunch for the cyclists
Great picnic lunches

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