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Cycling and spas in eastern Hungarian plains

Arrival in Budapest

Tizla river and lake - Hungary

Hungary cycling holiday from Vienna, Austria to Lake Balaton

Rocks of Hungary

Kings of Hungary

Cycling tour in western Hungary: castles and spas holiday

Cycling in a kilt near Lake Balaton.

Festetics palace, museum and Helikon library at Heviz.

Flowers of Hungary as seen along the route.

Guided cycling holiday along the Danube.

Cycling and spa holiday in Hungary

Cycling in Hungary, Kunhegyes:  Berekfurdo to Hotel Panorama at Tiszaors

Cycling lunch at camping ground near TiszaF├╝red Old organ in church at Kunhegyes
Hotel Panorama Hotel Touring in Berekfurdo with our cycles and back up van waiting oputside
Calvin church at Kunhegyes  

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2nd day of our cycling holiday:

Breakfast was at Hotel Touring in Berekfurdo on the second floor, where we had been assigned a conference room to eat. It was a bit cramped, with seating close alongside to the serve-yourself table.  At least the hot beverages were good, with Earl Grey tea available. The super large oranges were also a great success.

We set off in the bus back to Kunhegyes where we parked up opposite to the large white Calvin church.  Peter had the key to the gate and church and we all went inside. We were given a brief talk about it being the second oldest in Hungary and a few of us then explored around.  Shortly before we left the church Joan wandered off and nearly got locked inside.  Had she been left there we noted that there was an old sandwich roll left on a chair near the entrance that might have kept her going for a while.  At least she had not climbed up into the roof and investigated the belfry and rafters and some of the views out - which are decidedly long distance from the top of such a tall building in the middle of a vast plain. All was well for Joan and, without stopping for an ice cream, we got on our cycles and cycled off in a northerly direction to Abadszalok.

Shortly after Abadszalok we cycled onto a dyke beside the river Tisza lakes which had been used to absorb some of the recent flood waters.  We continued along the embankment till we reached a camping ground just short of TiszaF├╝red where we sat in the new eating area under a nice new roof supported by some intricate woodwork.   The view round about was disappointing as there were many small water craft collected all around looking dirty and old. Some has obviously been rescued from the recent flows, dragged up and taken over to the 'safe' side of the dyke.  Several were for sale. At least the weather was sunny and warm.  None the less we had a good cooked lunch with hot goulash soup prepared in a cauldron.  Peter and Marietta were very helpful and coffee and cake were very welcome after a 15 minute snooze.

Then back on the cycles for some 20km south towards Tiszaors. About half way we stopped for a drinks break at a railway museum where there was a man powered 3 wheel railway cycle and some similar curios like a train bogie carriage (4 wheels) powered by a two stroke motor cycle engine.

The last short section was by coach along a busy road. After a hot and busy day with very light easterly winds we all arrived 'glowing' but with no noteable mosquito bites, which we had been warned about but had managed to avoid.

Hotel Panorama at Tiszaors had a thermal bath directly opposite through an iron gate. I'm sitting here in the hotel room on the top floor with the curtains drawn against the hot, late afternoon, sun and with the sound of cookoos through the open window.   The room is compact but we are happy.   Chris had a massage at around 5:30pm.

Afterwards, while the sun was still hot we went over to the thermal bath. There was a small covered thermal pool over the far side but it was no warmer than the big outdoor pool. The big outdoor pool was deep and fine for swimming. Eric spent some time standing directly in front of the hot water inlet pipe which was close to the entrance steps and partially cooked himself.

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