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Cycling and spas in eastern Hungarian plains

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Hungarian cycle tour: Cycling from Vienna, Austria to Lake Balaton

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Cycling tour in western Hungary: castles and spas holiday

Cycling in a kilt near Lake Balaton

Flowers of Hungary as seen along the route

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Cycling and spa holiday in Hungary

Kings of Hungary

Festetics Palace, museum and Helikon library.

The pictures on this page were taken while we were on our cycle tour in Hungary.  We cycled south along the western border of Hungary with Austria and arrived at Heviz, famous for its giant outdoor thermal bath, and thence to Keszthely town at the west end of Lake Balaton. The highlight of the sightseeing in Keszthely was the visit to the Festetics Palace, museum& and Helikon library.  Surrounded by extensive lawns to the front and a large classic English garden layout at the rear, the imposing building with over 100 rooms, faces east.  From the front door you may walk to the right, direct into Keszthely high street.

Entering the building visitors must put on special soft overshoes to protect the wooden floors. The famous Helikon library is upstairs with many old books, plus details about papermaking and book binding.

Keszthely Palace, Museum and Helikon Library
1. Keszthely Palace, Museum and Helikon Library
Soft shoe covering to protect the palace wooden floors
2. Soft slippers provided to cover your outdoor shoes helps to protect the wooden floor.
Painting of horses outside the Festetics Palace
3. Painting of horses outside the Palace.
Painting of horseman with dogs
4. Painting of horsemans and his dogs
Clock in Festetics Palace Helikon museum
5. Clock
Ornament in Festetics Palace Helikon museum
6. Small black ornament with soldiers on horseback
Decorated room at Festetics Palace
7. One of the many lavishly decorated rooms we visited.
Ornament with horses at Festetics Palace
8. Small detail of large ornament. The horse appears to have webbed feet and a tail.
Painting of beautiful lady at Festetics Palace
9 Painting of beautiful lady
Painting of queen at Festetics Palace ?
10. Possibly the Queen ?
Wearing a tartan sash
11. Prince with tartan sash
Historic book collection in the Helikon library
12. Historic books from floor to ceiling in the Helikon library
Book covers in the Helikon library
13. Belzoni's researches and operations in Egypt and Nubia - Some of the very few books we could find in English
More books in the Helikon library
14. More Books in the Helikon library.  There were some very large atlas type books also.
Crystal chandelier
15. Crystal chandelier in the Helikon library
Repair of old books
16. There was a small section of the museum devoted to the skills of book making and the repair of old books and manuscripts.
Chapel at Festetics Palace
17. The chapel, as seen from the landing in the Festetics Palace.
Painting at Festetics Palace
18. Historic painting in substantial gold frame.
Painting at Scotsman in Kilt at Festetics Palace
19. My hero with sword, wearing a kilt.
Antique white chair at Festetics Palace
20 White cushioned chair with rounded back.
Wallpaper pattern at Festetics Palace
21 Detail from the wallpaper
Antique decorated chair at Festetics Palace
22. Highly decorated chair and flower vase.
Wooden floor pattern
23. Beautiful wood floor, where the public walks, thus the reason for everyone to wear soft covers on their shoes.
Classic English garden layout
24. English style formal garden and flowerbeds at the rear of the Festetics Palace.
Cardinal visiting Festetics Palace
25. Cardinal visiting Festetics Palace
Step outside through the gate into Keszthely for lunch
26.  Keszthely town centre.  This is the view directly outside the gate at Festetics Palace.  There are a number of pavement cafes and shopping opportunities.

Please if anyone can identify more details and stories behind the above items please refer to the image number and email me at eric@satsig.net

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