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Cycling and spas in eastern Hungarian plains

Arrival in Budapest

Cycling along Tizla river in Hungary

Hungarian cycle tour: Cycling from Vienna, Austria to Lake Balaton

Cycling tour in western Hungary: castles and spas holiday

Cycling in a kilt near Lake Balaton

Festetics palace, museum and Helikon library at Heviz

Flowers of Hungary

Cycling tour along the Danube

Cycling and spa holiday in Hungary

Rocks of Hungary

Kings of Hungary, as illustrated at the Royal castle at Visegrád

Music and dancing before the feast
Music and dancing before the feast.

King Mathias having dinner in his Royal Palace
King Mathias having dinner in his castle

The royal court operating at the monarch's residence, beside its governmental role, was the scene of everyday life of the King and his escorts, the Lord of the country, other officers and the numerous supporting staff.  The castle is on the top of a hill at Visegrad, overlooking the Danube bend.  Lower down towards the river there are further fortifications and a customs/tax dock where passing boats would stop. Fortunately we did not need to cycle up and down the steep hill. We used the mini-bus and trailer for the bikes!.

The knights - as the military escorts of the King - together with the maids of honour were important characters of the political events and ceremonies reflecting the greatness and splendour of the sovereign's power and his representation.

At the ambassador receptions, family and other ceremonies, music highlighted the rank of the king and his guests; it was an essential tool of entertainment at the feats.  By the 14th century more and more written and visual source material was becoming available amongst the secular music culture.  The popular stringed instruments of that age were the lyre, dulcimer and string violin.  Amongst the wind instruments the twin whistle, the flute, the horn and the trumpet .  Different types of drums were also used.  All in all, they knew how to have a good party but were well kitted up for battle outside.

The people in Hungary we met spoke well of King Mathias, who did many good works.

Here are some illustrations of five kings.

King béla
IV Béla ( 1235 - 1270 )

King Károly Róbert
Károly Róbert ( 1308 - 1342 )

King Nagy Lajos
I ( Nagy ) Lajos ( 1342 - 1382 )

King Zsigmond
Zsigmond ( 1387 - 1437 )

King Mátyás
Mátyás ( 1458 - 1490 )

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