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Satellite dish pointing: West Africa

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Review of Digital Satellites Corporation's satellite communications services.

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Digital Satellites is based in the Giza area of Cairo, Egypt.  They provide satellite communications services. Initial operations were in Egypt but the company has now expanded into the emerging markets of Africa, the Middle East, including Libya and Iraq, and worldwide. Their VSAT coverage possibilities, using small customer located antennas, and using multiple satellite beams, is illustrated in the satellite beam coverage map below.

Worldwide VSAT satellite beam coverage
Digital Satellite's Global Network Coverage for VSAT service

NOC equipment racks
Cairo Teleport Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Customers include large corporations and government agencies. Digital Satellites have experienced staff, committed to delivering a high level of service. The network operations centre equipment and a Hughes HX VSAT hub equipment rack are illustrated.

Hughes HX VSAT hub
Hughes HX technology VSAT hub rack

INMARSAT global coverage map
Inmarsat Global Coverage

GMPCS (Global Mobile Personal Communications by Satellite) service provider (Inmarsat - Iridium - Thuraya - Horizon)

Contact details:  Digital Satellites Corporation
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Head Office Tel: (+2) 02 3388 1717
Head Office Fax: (+2) 02 3388 1717
Mobile: +2011 1016 0160

Satellite Internet service coverages provide for both  shared service, with contention ratio, and for dedicated network service.

List of satellites:
Arabsat Badr 4, Telstar 12, Apstar-7 (TN18), Arabsat 5A (TN17), NSS-12 East Africa (TN15), NSS-12 South Asia (TN16), Telstar-11N shared (TN13), NSS-12 Middle East shared (TN14)

VSAT technologies:

iDIRECT Hub Platform:  Installation, Maintenance.
iDIRECT Service iDS and iDX.
Hughes,  Linkstar, Tooway, Comtech, Newtec and Viprasat


SCPC/TDMA/ MF-TDMA/ DVB-S2/ACM/P2P/Multicasting/Broadcasting Service Provider

VSAT Installations

Inside and Outside Egypt C and Ku-Bands 1.2m to 16m diameter antennas. Internet Satellite Service for Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, KSA, Qatar, UAE, Sudan, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Oman, Afghanistan, Pakistan. Higher Internet Data Rates up to 18Mbps, Network Ratio 1:1 - 1:2 - 1:5 - 1:10 - 1:20.  Home - SOHO - Business and Corporate Service Provider. Teleport Design and Satellite Space Segment for Long and Short Terms.

Komsol Album VSAT teleport antennas

Technical Support (VNO - CNO - Teleport Hosting at The Egyptian Satellite Earth Station).

The information on this page is my write up about their service.  The pictures were supplied by Digital Satellites Corp for use on this page. This is not a paid-for advertisement.

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