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Cyprus Telecommunications Authority VSAT hub satellite earth station

VSAT hub

DigitalSkys have an iDirect VSAT hub located at the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority teleport with direct high speed optical fibre submarine cable links to London.  The 5IF iDirect hub has multiple hub antenna capability and is connected to several large hub antennas so that service may be provided on up to five different satellites.  From Cyprus, almost 90% of the world may be connected.

iDirect service on NSS6, NSS7 and AMC12 satellites

Service is offered on NSS6 and NSS7 satellites, with services aimed at Europe, Middle East, Africa, India, and Australia.  NSS6 provides coverage in Ku-Band in the Middle East beam and NSS7 provided Ku band coverage in the Europe - Middle East beam.

The high power AMC12 satellite provides C band coverage of Europe and Africa in the Hemi Beam.

Transportable iDirect VSAT terminal

Mobile VSAT terminals

Suitable for temporary locations using vehicle mount.
Ideal for events, news, contingency backup etc.

Please contact DigitalSkys for further details and prices: Dubai Internet City, Building 17, Office 355, P.O. Box 500125,  Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 4 391 08 63
Fax: +971 4 390 99 66
Email: info@digitalskys.com

Outdoor Wireless LAN technology with range up to 50km

DigitalSkys use a combination of satellite based VSAT technology and WiMAX and Wi-Fi equipment to provide cost effective solutions to customers needs.   The use of local wireless networking avoids the need for expensive satellite dish technology at each end user site and also shares the cost of the space segment charges.  They are aiming to serve customers ranging from a small corporate companies to large conglomerates with multiple offices in different locations and requiring high quality bandwidth and connectivity to run critical business applications.

The company provides wireless solutions to public, government and private sectors including oil and gas, power generation, medical, financial, airline, security and defence, hospitality, education and training, manufacturing and construction, advertising distribution and ASP and hosted application services.

DigitalSkys engineers have the ability to go into any remote area and deploy one of the Wi-Fi infrastructures quickly and get it running especially as they can work the full turnkey with their own satellite backhaul. A mobile tower allows them to operate from the remotest areas and is sure to be useful during natural calamities.

The fixed wireless solutions from DigitalSkys deliver the very latest in Wi-MAX and Wi-Fi wireless technologies over licensed and unlicensed frequencies. It is capable of providing broadband connections of up to 75MB per second over distances ranging from hundreds of metres to 50 kilometres, including support for mobility applications. These can be used for applications such as hotspots, cellular network expansion, high-speed backhaul, hybrid and enterprise connectivity for businesses, etc.

iDirect VSAT hub dish Makarious, Cyprus
Teleport hub

Wireless LAN, WiMAX and Wi-Fi mobile base station
WiFi / WiMAX hub

DigitalSkys logo

Contact details:  DigitalSkys, Dubai Internet City, Building 17, Office 355, P.O. Box 500125,  Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Tel: +971 4 391 08 63, Fax: +971 4 390 99 66

E-mail: info@digitalskys.com

Some of the text and the images above have been provided by DigitalSkys and are used with their permission.  This page is just for your information and is not a paid-for advertisement. Please contact the company directly for further details of VSAT equipment, Wireless LAN equipment and all services.

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