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The purpose of the forum is to facilitate communications between people involved in satellite communications.  These people include satellite operators, service providers, local installers, sales agents, end user customers, both large and small businesses and home users.

Postings asking for help and advice are not a problem.

Regarding manufacturers and service providers wanting to sell equipment and services there is a problem however.  On the one hand, I welcome, in moderation, factual information and educational about your products and services.  This is of value and informs the potential customer.  What I dislike is what might be described as blatant advertising and marketing / sales spam.  If you want to mention your product / service please try to make the text of your contribution so that 90% of the text is educational informative explanation and only 10% is sales language.

Duplicate multiple postings of similar information will be treated as spam and are regularly deleted. If you feel a need to update information please find your earlier message and add a new reply there.  Do not start a new thread.

Please do not use all UPPER CASE letters and this is considered SHOUTING and annoys many people.

If you mention the price for a shared VSAT service you must include an explanation of the sharing ratio or how a fair access policy is applied.   Provide details in the format, for example, "256/1024 kbit/s 10:1 US$ 768 per month".

Do not use the word "unlimited" or similar expressions unless the sharing ratio is 1:1 i.e. dedicated continuous information rate, CIR or SCPC.    Avoid superlative words like best, fastest, cheapest etc.  These are banned words.

You are encouraged to incorporate images in your postings.  An image needs to be on a web server, where it will have a file name like


If the image is not already on the internet you will need to upload the image file to the satsig server, to your own server, to a third party image repository or send it to me by email.  eric@satsig.net   When you put the image into your forum message and have uploaded it to your own choice of server, do it like this:


Images pulled from other servers than satsig.net may be copied to the satsig server and edited to reduce file size, add explanatory annotations etc. Doing this also speeds up page loading by eliminating a DNS look up for the external web url address.

When you write your message you have the option to add attachments (i.e images).  If you do this the image is uploaded from your PC to the satsig server. Please use image editing software to make the image small dimensions (pixels height and width) and use low quality to minimise file size.  250k is the maximum.  30k is preferred by visitors.  You may attach up to 6 images to one message.  The max file size and max number of images may be changed without warning or update of this page.

Postings are frequently amended or removed by moderators and the forum admin, often to make the subject line more relevant and to improve the spelling and grammar.

Page started: 8 April 2008, amended 28 Feb 2022