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Cost of satellite internet in the US?


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22. Jul 2004 at 10:30

hello, I just want to know how much does internet via satellite cost in the US?
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Re:  Reply #1 on: 22. Jul 2004 at 12:48

I'm paying HNS Direcway $60USD/month for what they advertise as "up to" 400/128. It only includes two-way internet access and 5 email accounts; no web hosting, no storage, no FTP, et cetera. The hardware and (mandatory) installation fee is an up front investment of nearly $600USD. The service is generally unlimited, but can be throttled or terminated if the TOS are abused. If one doesn't need more than 169 MB of throughput in a 4 hour window (more off-peak), the throttle doesn't kick in.

But it's shared bandwidth, so those 400/128 figures can vary wildly. I've seen multi-connection downloads in excess of 6 mbps, but have never uploaded faster than 110 kbps (to a FTP server). During periods of unusually high activity, I've occasionally experienced sub-modem speeds in both directions. In actuality, it probably averages more like 1500/50


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