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INTERNET FOR AFRICA from Global Broadband Solution:

Low cost international VoIP telephone calls

Global Broadband Solution (GBS) specialises in the design and the supply of integrated solutions in the telecommunication field, especially in satellite telecommunications services. They provide turn-key and tailor-made solutions for projects of any size.

Typical implementation of a C band VSAT antenna

Ku band satellite beam coverage of Africa using PAS-10  C band satellite beam coverage of Africa using IS-904
Coverage areas Ku and C band.

Global Broadband Solution (GBS), located in Africa, is introducing in Africa the most powerful VSAT technology of the moment for high speed bi-directional Internet communications via satellite: iDirect. They use BT's Teleport facility at Martlesham to host their own VSAT iDirect hub and equipments providing internet services to Africa.

Global Broadband Solution (GBS) is also working in partnership with Intelsat and Satlynx and their technical staff to install C-Band services everywhere in Africa.

They are a ViperSat partner, offering a technologically advanced infrastructure products, providing bandwidth-efficient and scalable solutions.

For strong urban concentrations, GBS is installing a Wireless Infrastructure Solution for Internet and Intranet. GBS operate with Alvarion world class products in the 3.5GHz, 5.8GHz frequency bands and have introduced the very latest technology called WiMAX.

In order to provide African customers with reliable international telecommunications at a very low cost, GBS has developed a VoIP platform providing quality international phone calls in regions where remote Internet access sites will have been setup.

For more information sales@gbs.cd

or visit their web site at http://www.gbs.cd/

Coverages include Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Gabon, Congo, Angola, RDC, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Ethiopia, Madagascar, South Africa.

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