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Maspalomas sand dunes

Maspalomas Sand Dunes.

Visit to the Sand Dunes at Maspalomas.

If you are staying anywhere on Gran Canaria a visit to the sand dunes at Maspalomas is well worth a visit.  The sand dunes appear in many classic sand dune and desert type pictures.

The area is surrounded by hotels, except on the seaward side, so if you aim your camera appropriately you can get the impression that the sand goes on for ever.  It is certainly spectacular, but you decide if it is worth a second visit. It can be rather crowded with visitors. The distance suggested to be walked is approx 6km (3km going, plus 3km coming back)

Maspalomas lighthouse
Bus terminus station close to Faro de Maspalomas lighthouse.

Regarding getting there, I suggest to attempt this walk by going first to the Lighthouse or Faro-de-Maspalomas. There is a major bus terminus there. Many buses have this location as a terminus for their journey, so less risk of getting lost.  From the bus terminal walk to the other side of the roundabout, directly towards the lighthouse and turn left just before you reach the sea.

Walking route to beach
Turn to the left onto this walkway before reaching the lighthouse

There is a paved area leading to a long line of cafes where you can get some shade and refreshments.  It is a good opportunity to buy a bottle of water if you have come unprepared.

At the end of the shopping area the sand starts immediately. Note the first aid and beach rescue office on the left.  They try their best to help those in trouble in the rough seas.  Walk along the wooden walkway for preference and then on sand for about 500m till you reach the dunes. The dunes extend 1km inland and you can see the hotels on the far inland side.

Openstreetmap Faro Maspalomas

Aim for the headland, distance 2km straight ahead. If you get that far you will have seen the best of the coast.  Go into the dunes to get some photos.  The strip of sand near the sea is often very busy with people marching up and down.  It can be very windy and the walk can be hard going in the heat.

View from top of sand dune
View from top of a sand dune.

If the sea is calm, have a swim, eat your picnic and turn back from about this half way point as the last half of the coast going north towards the town is rather flat, a bit muddy and less interesting.

View top the east
If orange sun shades are your thing then there are plenty..

Once you get back to civilisation, just before the lighthouse in the distance, the cafes and shops provide a welcome. Busses go back to places like Amadores, Puerto Rico and Porto Mogan.  If you go to Porto Mogan, the trip is almost non-stop along the motorway !

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