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Satellite internet in Indonesia

Satellite Broadband in Asia / Pacific

iDirect hub in Hong Kong with Asiasat Asia/Pacific Coverage

Satellite in China : Sinosat

Satellite TV dish pointing: South east Asia

Dish pointing: Australia and New Zealand

Satellite broadband for the Pacific Islands from SpeedCast

Hawaii Pacific Teleport

Hawaii Pacific Teleport logo: A company providing satellite broadband internet and satellite communications services in the Pacific region

Hawaii Pacific Teleport provides a wide variety of satellite communications services throughout the Asia - Pacific region.

They have a teleport in Hawaii with six large antennas, connected to high capacity sub-sea optic fibre cables for internet and telephone backbone connection.

Web site:  Phone number: +1 808 216 2136

Services include telephony and satellite internet connection.  For more contact details go here :

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JCSAT 3 satellite beam patterns

Telstar 18 satellite beam patterns

AGILA 2 satellite beam patterns

JCSAT 1B satellite beam patterns

JCSAT 2A satellite beam patterns

IA-5 satellite beam patterns

Galaxy 10R satellite beam patterns/

Horizons 1 satellite beam patterns

The satellite coverage beam map images above have been kindly provided courtesy of HPT, Hawaii Pacific Teleport

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