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iosat are integrators and offer transportable, fixed and maritime mobile satellite communications equipment and services.

Amos 5 satellite coverage area: C band : All Africa

Amos 5 satellite coverage area: C band : Orbit position 17deg East. The coverage contours of the Amos 5 satellite are centered on Africa and are shown in the satellite footprint beam map to the right.  Larger VSAT antennas may be required in the outer regions of the satellite beam contour.

VSAT dish

C-band VSAT dish with circular polarisation

VSAT dish on roof

iosat have their satellite hub teleport in Israel and operate two types of VSAT technology : Gilat SkyEdge2 and NewTec modems for SCPC links.

Please note that ST Engineering iDirect acquired NewTec 1st October 2019, so the link above for NewTec now goes to iDirect.

Circular polarisation feed assembly

The two linear planes of polarisation of the receive LNB (horizontal)  and transmit BUC (vertical) are at +'-45 deg to the polariser.  This produces circular polarisation at the feed horn, which, after reflection and reversal by the reflector,  matches AMOS 5 satellite.  Circular polarisation is particularly important in the tropics to avoid cross-polarisation interference due to ionospheric faraday rotation.

Some example pictures of typical customer C band VSAT dish antennas are shown on the right, with a detailed view of the feed arrangement used for circular polarisation at C band.

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Hashomer 4, Hod Hasharon, 45108, Israel.

The information on this page is my write up about their service.  The pictures were supplied by iosat for use on this page. This is not a paid-for advertisement.

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