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JSC IPNet, satellite telecom operator, operates a Hughes Network Systems hub at the Science Park teleport of Moscow State University teleport.

IPNet is the one of the first satellite telecom operators to use the latest generation satellite technologies HX in its service offerings. The system HX, developed by the HUGHES company, is the latest generation of VSAT systems and has been specifically created and optimized for small and medium-size networks that have high traffic and rigid requirements for width of the wave range and service quality QoS. The technology is represented by the terminals series HN7000 S, HN7700 S, HN7740 S, HN9200 , HN9400 , HN1040 , HX50 , HX50L , HX200 , HX260.

The system has a number of unique characteristics such as an integrated accelerator TCP and improved IP characteristics. The HX system is associated with lower operating costs due to more efficient use of satellite resources than the SCPC system. The HX system is also very scalable and flexible, thus can be used in a whole range of latest IP applications and services.

The system can be characterized by the high rate of downlink (satellite to earth) - up to 120 Mbit/sec. The system has all capabilities associated with the new DVB-S2 standard.

The new Adaptive Code Modulation (ACM) technology is used in the system's high-speed return channels (earth to satellite) that have speed up to 3.2 MBit/sec. Another significant advantage of using the HX system in the satellite telecom networks is the ability to build "Full-Mesh Networks", which substantially increase operating capabilities of satellite terminals. This capability is increasingly demanded by IPNet's customers in Russia.

The new teleport will have the latest antenna system produced by the Dynamics SATCOM Technologies, Inc. (earlier "Vertex- RSI"). This multifunctional antenna has four ports, 9.3 meter diameter, and a transmitter of 750 watt. It is also equipped with the anti-freezing and auto-pointing systems as well as the system of hot and cold back-up of the main active equipment.

IPNet is using the satellite segment of the space satellite series "Yamal-200" at 90 deg east orbit position -- which belongs to the national satellite communications operator of Russia FSUE "Russian Satellite Communications Company" (RSCC).

Founded in 2000, JSC "IPNet" built and operates its own Central Control Satellite Station in Moscow.

IPNet offers a wide range of licensed telecommunication services in all regions of the Russian Federation by utilizing a wide range of the HUGHES VSAT equipment -- satellite terminals HughesNet (HN7700, HN7000, HN7740, HN6000, and HN6040.)

For stable satellite connections, JSC "IPNet" leases satellite resources of "Yamal-201" satellite (by contract with OAO "Gaskom," satellite department of OAO "Gasprom.")   IPNet is actively expanding its dealers network to various Russian regions and CIS countries and invites all interested parties from the regions to partner with the company.

For more information, please contact +7 (495) 540-1280.


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