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Satellite Link Budget calculator

Antenna gain and beamwidth

Uplink BUC power

Uplink power control UPPC

Uplink power flux density (PFD)

Uplink G/T


Downlink noise temperature

Antenna noise temperature

Downlink EIRP

SETI communications range

Explanation of satellite links

Satellite beam design

Tooway out-link link budget

Tooway return-link link budget

Link budget for VSAT Remotes (return-link) to Hub direction

Link budget for Hub to VSAT Remotes (out-link) direction of transmission

SCPC / DAMA 8kbit/s mesh network satellite link budget for 1.8m antennas

Digital TV television broadcasting - MPEG satellite link budget

Data broadcasting or data distribution satellite link budget

Line of sight link radio budget - one way - single hop

Satellite mobile phone link budget - return link from mobile to hub

Europe to Africa - Satellite internet broadband outlink

Africa to Europe - Satellite internet TDMA return link

North Africa low bit rate VSAT link budget

O3b beams

How to measure EbNo and EbNo calculator

Views of the earth from various geo orbit positions

IET satellite communications summer school

INSAT 4CR DSNG Ku band link budget

Radar link budget for passive satellite reflections

Generic Ka band HTS return link

GSAT-18 C-band Link Budget

Satellite link budget information : index page

This page is an index page linking to a variety of pages which will help you with calculations related to satellite communications links.

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You might also submit anything that might help. I would particularly like someone to provide a write up about inter-modulation and the implications for BUC and transponder operating point.

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