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Driving directions UK with traffic information.

Input start location and the destination you want to go to. Then click "Go" to find the route. You may choose alternative modes of travel by car, bike or walking, if you wish. The route map shown may expanded to see more details. Step by step driving directions are shown lower down. Scroll down to see the driving directions.

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If the town names or postcodes that you type in for your starting point and destination are not the expected places, such as a similar named place in a different country or county then try adding additional words such as the wanted country or county.  Post codes will often work well.

This "driving directions uk" page is based on a Google Maps API example. Traffic information added 26 Jan 2012.  Sections of roads marked in orange, red and black lines indicate increasing levels of traffic congestion.

If the map shows in grey with "Error" it means that my money to pay for this page has run out for the day. Try again after 8am GMT tomorrow. I have to pay Google a lot to provide this page.

If you find errors in the mapping please look along the lower right corner of the map and click on the link about which companies are responsible for the mapping data and the satellite images. If you go to the web sites of those companies it is sometimes possible to submit your observations and eventually get the maps updated.  This may take some time!

Page started 13 Jan 2012, last amended 6 March 2022.