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Latitude and longitude explanation

Views of the earth from various geo orbit positions

Using a magnetic compass

How to find true north using the pole star.

How to point satellite dish.

Easy to use satellite mapping, street maps, latitude and longitude, OSGB grid and GPS data.

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If in any doubt, use this page:

Latitude Longitude (lat-long) Finder

It works anywhere - whole world coverage

If you already know the latitude and longitude of the place you can type it in here and see the view of the ground:
Satellite View of a Lat and Long

Find the height of a location

Find the depth of the sea

Satellite photo image viewer

Satellite finder - simple for mobile devices

My animated video of views of the planet earth globe rotating in space.

Emphasis on Street Maps:

Street maps for the UK

Map of Hackney, London

Street maps for India

Emphasis in Street Views:

Street View UK


Terrain height and elevation - height of the ground and depth of the sea

High resolution satellite photo images of two satellite earth stations etc.

Geostationary orbit views of the earth

How to find north using the stars

How to find south using the stars

Geostationary view map with elevation contours

Geostationary view with polarisation/skew angles

View of the earth from 97 deg west geostationary orbit position

Driving directions:

Driving directions UK with traffic information

Driving directions Manchester with traffic information

Driving directions Edinburgh with traffic information

North and South America

Dish pointing in Alaska

Satellite dish pointing Canada

Satellite dish pointing US

Satellite TV dish pointing in Mississippi

Dish pointing calculator for Arkansas

Lat long finder for Atlanta area

Arizona map

Montana Mapping

Map of Belize

Sat TV dish pointing in Caribbean

Satellite dish pointing Ecuador

Plato antena de satelite apuntando Ecuador

Satellite TV and VSAT dish pointing Paraguay

Satellite TV dish and VSAT pointing Peru

Antena parabálica apuntando: Peru

UK and Europe

Satellite dish pointing UK

Wigan map, satellite images and street views

Satellite maps and images of Hackney, London

Map of London

Astra spot beam pointing

Tooway dish pointing

Saorsat satellite TV dish pointing Ireland (KA-SAT beam 24)

Breite und Länge

Sat TV dish pointing Germany

Lat long finder in Spanish

Satellite antenne pointing France (pointage parabole)

Satellite TV dish pointing Greece

Satellite TV dish pointing Italia

Map of Turkey and satellite images

Map of Ukraine and dish pointing


Satellite dish pointing Algeria

Pointage d'antenne satellite parabolique en Maroc

Hylas  Ka Band spot beam over Tunisia and Libya

Hylas  Ka Band spot beam over Zimbabwe

Satellite dish pointing: West Africa

Satellite dish pointing: Congo

Dish pointing Lagos and Nigeria

Sat TV dish aiming in Mauritius

Satellite dish pointing Nairobi, Kenya

Satellite TV dish pointing South Africa

Dish pointing in Sudan and Ethiopia


Middle East

Lat long finder and dish pointing for Lebanon

Map of Syria and satellite images

Satellite dish pointing Oman

Satellite dish pointing Iraq

Satellite pointing and long finder for Saudi Arabia

Map of Sharm-el-Sheikh and satellite images

Asia region:

Map of Japan

Satellite dish pointing in Afghanistan

Satellite dish pointing for Pakistan

Satellite dish pointing for India

Satellite TV dish pointing: south east Asia

Satellite TV dish pointing: Australia and New Zealand

Satellite map and dish pointing - Cape York, Australia

Strange requests for details at particular latitude and longitude locations:

What city is located at 19 degrees north and 99 degrees west: Tlalnepantla

What at 30 degrees north and 31 degrees east

Any queries please email me eric@satsig.net  Please note that all map pages are charged for by Google at about $0.007p each time.

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